The perfect introduction to

CANTIENICA® body in evolution

A 6-week learning program consisting of five videos with 7 exercises each, accompanying material, explanations of the method, glossary and transcript. This learning program is perfect for beginners. Benita Cantieni explains in videos how the method works.

Each program builds on the previous sequences. The 35 exercises form a perfect 1-hour training for sustainable health. Week 6 explains how to integrate the new posture with the new patterns of movement in every day life. The program includes the opportunity to ask Benita Cantieni questions. Important tips by Benita Cantieni to make your training even more effective. 



Join the most effective 6-week body evolution program available online now.

An easy yet thorough program of exercises for the whole body.

Flexibility, strength, resilience, and wellbeing from the core. 

The core in CANTIENICA® training means: from the bones.

Each exercise first sorts the bones and so reaches all muscles, all fascia, all tendons, all ligaments.

This life changing program adds ease, poise, lightness, and attitude into your fitness routine.

Go for it.

You'll meet Benita Cantieni with in many exclusive videos –

introduction, special instructions, Q&A's and other useful training tools for instant results.

197 € incl. VAT

Here is what participants say about the 6-week program 

"I absolutely LOVE Cantienica! This training makes you feel, move and look younger. Every movement of your body becomes a source of joy and relaxation. With this online training program you don't need any special equipment or space - you can exercise anytime you want. As an important bonus you learn to understand your body, to be aware of its needs much more and to see how treating your body gently gives peace and serenity to your soul as well. I recommend Cantienica to everyone: young and old, healthy and ailing. If you want to enjoy your everyday life more, give it a try!"

Kasia from Finland

197 € incl. VAT