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Our Introduction has it all. It helps you to perceive your body better, to straighten it. The founder of the method Benita Cantieni will guide you on the journey through your body. The result is a better feeling for your body, a strengthening of your deep muscles, alignement of your skeleton, muscles, fascia, ligaments. 

  • Exercise wherever, whenever you want

  • Each program builds on the previous sequence

  • Get six 15 Minute lessons plus bonus content

  • Get supporting materials, glossary and transcripts for each lesson

  • Get 24/7 access to 35 exercises

  • Achieve sustainable results: Week 6 explains how to integrate the new posture with the new patterns of movement in every day life

  • Money back guarantee: If you do not achieve results, get your money back

Normal price: 197 € incl. VAT

Here is what participants say about the 6-week program 

"I absolutely LOVE Cantienica! This training makes you feel, move and look younger. Every movement of your body becomes a source of joy and relaxation. With this online training program you don't need any special equipment or space - you can exercise anytime you want. As an important bonus you learn to understand your body, to be aware of its needs much more and to see how treating your body gently gives peace and serenity to your soul as well. I recommend Cantienica to everyone: young and old, healthy and ailing. If you want to enjoy your everyday life more, give it a try!"

Kasia from Finland

Get to know your body better, it's worth it!

Online Video Training: Wherever and whenever you want.

This introduction program is perfect for beginners. Benita Cantieni explains in videos how the method works. But even experts will find a great routine here. 


You'll experience:
  • The main principles that make CANTIENCA® training efficient and unique.

  • Vivatomy® as opposed to anatomy using illustrations.

  • Important terms to understand the exercise instructions.

  • You will get an impression of how the method was created.

  • Special features of the CANTIENICA® method.

  • Tips for implementation in everyday life.

  • What is important if you want to achieve lasting results.

Introduction to CANTIENICA - 15'


Introduction to the method

Let's awake your bone intelligence

Feet, Feet, Feet.

Strong Back And Flat Tummy - 17'


Workout 3:

Strengthens the deep muscles of the abdomen and back. What you see is what you get. :-) 

Q&A Sessions with Benita Cantieni - 3h 29'


Benita Cantieni answers questions about the method, the training, her inspiration. 

Bonus 3: Instant Relaxation Exercises


When your tension increases you fall back into old habits. How can you avoid this? 

Strong, Flexible Pelvic Floor - 14'


Workout 1:

You'll get to know the pelvic scoops, ischial tuberosities and strengthen the levator ani.

Beautiful Arms, Bosoms and Waist - 14'


Workout 4:

Your upper arm balls and your ribcage will find their proper place. This further improves your posture. 

Bonus 1: Sit for fit exercises


How does the method help you in everyday situations? In the office? At home? Commuting? 

Plus Illustrations, Transcripts, Audio

Illustrations, Audio


A lot of helpful materials to really dive into the exercises. 

Great Posture From The Core - 13'


Workout 2:

Helps to align and straighten your skeleton, muscles, ligaments, fascia.

Shapely Legs And Buttocks - 16'


Workout 5: 

Your pelvis can do more: Your legs are longer than you think. Keep at it.


Bonus 2: Powerstart For The Day. 


Before you get up: Get ready for your day. 

Plus Glossary


CANTIENICA training uses terms you might not have heard for parts you might not have felt. This section defines them precisely. 

What do I get when I buy the introduction?  
24/7 access to these contents: 

The program helps to prevent:

  • bad postures such as scoliosis, hollow back, hunchback, pelvic obliquity

  • bow legs, knock knees, meniscus, hip disorders

  • foot deformities such as hallux valgus, flat foot, hollow foot, etc.

  • cell phone neck, widow's hump, stiff shoulders

  • headaches, migraines and even depression

  • Creation of the abdomen, bust or double chin

  • Incontinence (bladder, bowel), hemorrhoids, prostate enlargement

  • ailments of the spine and joints

Normal price: 197 € incl. VAT

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