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The Method

CANTIENICA® body in evolution


Good Posture is feasible

CANTIENICA® body in evolution is an anatomically substantiated posture and movement concept. „Logical anatomy, anatomical logic” – that’s what Benita Cantieni named her method. Why? Because all bones are stretched and aligned according to the original blueprint of the human body, in a way that all of its muscles, chords, ligaments, and fascias obtain their basic tonus and a vivid tension. In a correct posture of the skeleton, strength, flexibility and stamina are trained from inside the body, i.e. its deepest muscle layers. The CANTIENICA® Method also brings about beauty benefits: The muscles forming the inner pelvic floor (levator ani) activate the muscles in the back, the abdomen, the buttocks and the legs and therefore improve shape and posture extremely fast and effectively. Practicing the CANTIENICA® Method gives you a good and healthy constitution, fostering self-esteem and radiance – independently of your age, size or weight.


Anatomically precise

The foundation of a fully erected and healthy spine is the pelvis. CANTIENICA® body in evolution aligns, straightens, and mobilises your pelvis perfectly. It improves the grip of the muscles on the pelvis and the pelvic floor, or more precisely, its inner layer, the levator ani. This group of muscles sits like a trampoline attached between the hip joints, the tailbone and the pubic bone. Consider the human body as a multi-story building: a well-trained pelvic floor is the most important floor in it. The spine is erected upon this floor with the help of the so-called autochthonous musculature, approximately 200 small muscles, which hold and protect its vertebrae by sheathing them and connecting them to all other muscles around.


Every single CANTIENICA® exercise trains your whole body from toe to top. Perfect posture and physical harmony are achieved through three-dimensional movements. Whether you are training for a more powerful back, relaxed shoulders, well-shaped arms or a flat belly, all exercises truly respect the physiology and anatomy of your body. This anatomical precision is the reason why CANTIENICA® body in evolution is being taught by an increasing number of therapists and other fitness and health professionals.

The Founder



Benita Cantieni, born 1950, is the founder of CANTIENICA® body in evolution. Being diagnosed with a severe scoliosis, Scheuermann’s disease, arthrosis in her hip joint and a fracture of her sacrum, she already had to undergo regular therapy in her youth. She was excluded from sports and, in addition, lived on painkillers. Forced by her own handicaps, she started to study anatomy in order to fully understand her physical weaknesses. Today, her previously scoliotic spine is perfectly straight, she is free of pain, her body loves to move and exercise. The new posture made her grow by two inches and her formerly tortured body changed its shape tremendously. Cantieni began to teach her findings to interested men and women and finally developed her anatomy-based CANTIENICA® body in evolution. The exercise program is constantly being updated as new findings arise. A former journalist and author, Benita Cantieni published her own story as a book that became a bestseller in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. To this day, she published 21 books and 4 videos in German.


CANTIENICA® body in evolution consists of 4 units:


"Logical vivatomy, vivatomical logic"– that's how Benita Cantieni defines her method.

Benita Cantieni’s vision of self-determined aging


In the last 50 years, age took people by surprise. Each generation became 10 years older and was completely unprepared for it.


More and more people are becoming 95, 100 or 110 years old, and the trend is rising.

Classical adaptation evolution does not work this quickly, so we need a new evolution: the evolution of conscious decision-making. The evolution of consciousness. The evolution of self-responsibility.

People decide how old they want to get. They want to stay mobile, strong and quick to react. With healthy bones. With well-functioning joints. And with joy in movement.

The CANTIENICA® Method accompanies you on the road to this “conscious evolution”.

The body is no longer something borrowed from life which “I” amortise until it is broken, after which it’s “downhill all the way”.

The body is the instrument we use for living. Like any instrument, it has to be maintained if it is to play beautiful melodies. And I have to know my instrument well.

CANTIENICA® body in evolution allows you to get to know your body, feel it and keep it healthy to the bone.

The earlier the body embarks on this evolution the better. I am very happy to see more and more young people finding their way to CANTIENICA® body in evolution.




Benita Cantieni

BC's Vision
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