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Since her early childhood Benita Cantieni suffered from scoliosis and Scheuermann's desease, both of which stayed untreated. By the age of 27 several joints were affected by severe arthrosis - the hip, the iliosacral joints, and even the jaw. A replacement of the hip joint finally seemed inevitable. But Benita felt she was too young to get "spare parts" into her body and decided to cure her illnesses through physical therapy.


She tried every method she could get hold of – Feldenkrais, Rolfing, Structural Integration, Alexander Technique, physiotherapy, yoga, etc. „With a good therapist, each of these methods helped a bit to soothe the pains I suffered from“, says Benita, „but nothing really changed my body.“ In 1991, she read a book about Callanetics, a then popular workout system. „At the beginning the exercises felt really good. The precise positions and tiny movements seemed to help“, she recounts. Together with a partner she bought a master franchise for Callanetics in Switzerland and went to Denver for training. „Whether teaching whole groups or single persons, I realized that the method lacked something: it wasn’t anatomically founded. There was no underlying structure that could be safely applied to everybody.“ So she went on searching. In 1993, she met Christian Larsen, M.D. and co-founder of Spiraldynamik International, an anatomy-based system to analyze and improve posture and movement. Larsen introduced her to the three-layered system of the pelvic floor, the core muscles for aligning the bones.


Since then Cantieni has been investigating how to correctly and precisely align the bones of the human body in a way that the deepest muscle layers can hold them in their (re-)acquired good position and structure. What’s more, Cantieni developed an ingenious method to teach people, irrespective of their age and fitness level, this kind of radically new physical education. „Knowing the instruction manual for your body is the most important anti-aging tool“, say Cantieni who, at the age of 63, has a perfectly straight spine and completely recovered joints. „I feel younger now than I did back in my twenties, I’m stronger today and much more flexible“, says Cantieni, „and, as a great side effect, my body feels and looks better than ever.“


The core of the CANTIENICA® muscle work are the interconnected muscles at the base of the pelvis, arranged in three highly potent layers supporting the torso, taking all weight off the leg joints. From this pelvic powerhouse the spine extends to its full length, vertebrae perfectly aligned, and lets ribcage, shoulders, and head find and keep their anatomically correct position. All training obeys the rule deepest muscles first, outer muscles last. In CANTIENICA® exercises all movements happen three-dimensionally, which avoids injuries and guarantees ultimate strength – coming from slim, well-stretched muscles, not from bulky ones.


Apart from the many readers and viewers of her books, DVDs and CDs, Cantieni’s work keeps attracting more and more therapists, orthopedists, chiropractors, fitness instructors, midwives, etc. Since 1998, approximately 1,200 trainees attended the CANTIENICA® trainings in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and were certified to teach the method themselves. The training brings fast results: “You’ll feel better after the first try”, says Cantieni, “after the third hour you’ll look better, and after ten hours your body will have transformed into a power engine.”


The training can be adjusted to fulfill different needs:

  • toning and shaping

  • strength and flexibility

  • curing posture (scoliosis, lordosis, kyphosis, herniated discs, etc.)

  • curing incontinency, sunk organs, enlargement of the prostate

  • anatomically correct gait

Benita Cantieni


The perfect pelvic floor training for men and women

CANTIENICA® Method for Body Shape & Posture
$ 16.99


Available as e-book.

Published: Aug 07, 2013

Publisher: Südwest Verlag

Seller: Random House DE

Print Length: 176 Pages

Language: English

Tigerfeeling – The Perfect Pelvic Floor Training for Men and Women –, awakens the power that comes from your centre. The exercises are gentle and safe. They’re also fun to do and easy to fit into your daily routine, and the success is immediate: after just one session, you will experience a noticeable – and visible – effect. After only three weeks, you will see measurable changes. Discover and awaken the power of your pelvic floor – for more elasticity, suppleness, vitality and sexual enjoyment! Say goodbye to a weak bladder, incontinence, orgasm problems, back complaints etc. Tigerfeeling gives men and women natural power and grace to last a lifetime.

Benita Cantieni: 

„Knowing the instruction manual for your body is the most important anti-aging tool.“ 

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