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CANTIENICA® body in evolution.

The Certified Training.

Training to become a CANTIENICA® trainer is an excellent way of becoming self-employed. The CANTIENICA® Method offers many freelancers a niche allowing them to hold their own in the highly competitive health market. Physiotherapists, midwives, singers, actors and doctors come to us for further training. For professionals from a large number of fields, the CANTIENICA® method is an effective addition to their work.

Basic therapeutic or anatomical knowledge is not necessarily required for undergoing basic training to become a CANTIENICA® instructor. We extend a hearty welcome to those switching from other professions. The principal requirements are impartiality and empathy as well as physical experience of your own with CANTIENICA® body in evolution. Your personal experience with CANTIENICA® training usually leads to the decision to complete a training course, and the course concept is based on this self-experience. 

In the video, we have captured a few impressions of the training settings. Here you will get to know charismatic founder and body researcher Benita Cantieni and some of the instructors. 

The training has been coupled with a license since 1 June 2019. The license programme guarantees the sustainability of the training. This legal form gives you the guarantee that the time and money you put in is a good investment in the long run. 

The license programme allows CANTIENICA AG to ensure the quality, and with it the future and the protection, of the CANTIENICA® body in evolution brand and the training institution. Clear contracts govern the rights and obligations of the partners involved.







The 4 levels of CANTIENICA® training


The entire CANTIENICA® training programme consists of 4 consecutive levels, each with a fixed and prespecified sequence. The modular structure allows you to complete the levels at a pace that suits you. 

Level 1 Bronze

Pelvic Floor Training,
Power Training

  • Basics of the method

  • Pelvic floor training 

  • Power training

  • Coaching

  • Didactics

  • Basics of vivatomy 

  • Customer service

  • Case examples

  • Practical application

  • History 


  • 3 months preparation with the manuals (self-study)

  • 5 days intensive seminar 

  • 6 months practical phase. You can teach immediately after the intensive course.

  • 2 days follow-up course with video tutorial, rework, evaluation of examination documents, Diploma

Level 2 Silver

Back training

  • In-depth training

  • Back training

  • Vivatomy of the back

  • Clinical pictures

  • Case examples

  • Practical application

  • Coaching, touches

  • Case examples

  • Symptoms

  • Connections


  • 8 weeks preparation with the manuals (self-study)

  • 4 days intensive seminar, Diploma

Level 3 Gold

Head training (I)
Dynamic movement (II)


  • Advanced knowledge

  • Head, neck

  • Posture, straightening up

  • Vivatomy of head and neck

  • Transfer to everyday life

  • Movement patterns

  • Economical movement

  • Leg axis

  • Practical application

Program I (3a)

  • 8 weeks preparation with the manuals (self-study)

  • 3 days intensive seminar, Diploma

Program II (3b)

  • 8 weeks preparation with the manuals (self-study)

  • 3 days intensive seminar, Diploma

Level 3 Platinum

Use of tools and devices


  • Big variety of new exercises

  • Exercises with special tools (Gym’balls, Balloons, Yoga blocks, Ombow)

  • Modifications

  • Choreographies

  • Refinements

  • Individual coaching

  • Coaching with hands

  • Practical application

  • Reinforcements

  • Case examples


  • 8 weeks preparation with the manuals (self-study)

  • 3 days intensive seminar, Diploma

Further levels

At the moment the training courses Level 2 Silver, Level 3 Gold, Level 4 Platinum, CANTIENICA® in yoga are only available in German. As soon as there are enough interested people for training in English, we will announce dates. Please contact us if you are considering further levels. 

Refresher and Workshops

So far, no workshops and refresher courses are planned. As soon as enough Level 1 trainings have taken place, we will announce corresponding offers. 

Training programme 2023


We are happy to see that you are interested in training to become a CANTIENICA® trainer. This brochure describes the requirements, the procedure and the contents of Level 1 Bronze in detail. It gives you background information on CANTIENICA® body in evolution, its history, how the method came into being and much more.






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