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Costs for Level 1 Bronze und license program

For all licensees

Level 1 Bronze Training course

CHF 6'500.00

EUR 5'909.- 

Basic license fee

CHF 480.00 

EUR 436.-

Annual license fee*

CHF 348.00

EUR 316.-

CANTIENICA® domain (optional)

Addendum Domain one-off**

CHF 300.00

EUR 272.-

Annuall domain fee**

CHF 60.00 

EUR 54.-

CANTIENICA® Studio license (optional)

Addendum Studio one-off**

CHF 1'500.00

EUR 1'363.-

Annuall domain fee**

CHF 60.00 

EUR 54.- 

Annual studio fee**

CHF 360.00

EUR 327.-

 * See point 5 of the relevant contract

 **See point 3 of the relevant contract

Subject to alterations and errors | Euro prices without decimal point

You will find information on the license programme of CANTIENICA AG here:

After you register for a training course, an invoice is sent to the e-mail address you gave us. After expiry of the payment period, you will receive reminders. CHF 50.00 are charged for each reminder.

If you want to change a date or change your booking, CANTIENICA Ltd. must be notified at the latest 4 months before training starts. A date change or booking change is possible if you pay a fee amounting to 20% of the course price. For changing the booking of the follow-up, a rebooking fee of CHF 300.00 is charged.

The participant has no claim to a refund in any of these cases.


You can find our General Terms and Conditions here:

General Terms and Conditions >

You can search for courses and book them here:

Costs for other training and further training

Level 2 Silver Training course

CHF 3'600.00

EUR 3'272.-

Level 3a/b Gold Training courses

CHF 5'000.00

EUR 4545.- 

Level 4 Platinum Training course

CHF 3'800.00

EUR 3454.-

Subject to alterations and errors | Euro prices without decimal point

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