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Three Basic CANTIENICA® Trainings manuals to start right now…

Tigerfeeling – The perfect Pelvic Floor Training. A life-changing experience for Women and Men.
  • Discover the true core muscles: your pelvic floor and your diaphragm.

  • Experience the ultimate power from within your body.

  • Feel your core, feel your center.

  • Learn how to integrate stability and litheness in your everyday life.

  • And feel the side effects: most beautiful self and charisma.

  • Every person is different, every spine is different. Find you unique "perfect posture".

  • Understand the true nature of your spine and use it accordingly.

  • Learn through your pains: they are your body's natural feedback.

  • React to pain by correcting your posture instead of taking medication or having operations.

  • Discover the power of your diaphragm. Enjoy unlimited breathing.


CANTIENICA® Workout For Your Back. Living pain-free with a happy spine.
  • First straighten your posture, then head for the top.

  • Easy exercises that actually shape your skull.

  • Get familiar with the muscles that shape your facial features.

  • Mimicry is human, and it is beautiful. 

  • Just don’t get stuck in your „wrinkling habits“.

  • Youthfulness has nothing to do with age.

The Secret of a Youthful Face is ... Your Posture. How to get rid of wrinkles by changing your posture.

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