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Benita Cantieni


The perfect pelvic floor training for men and women

CANTIENICA® Method for Body Shape & Posture
$ 16.99


Available on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac.

Published: Aug 07, 2013

Publisher: Südwest Verlag

Seller: Random House DE

Print Length: 176 Pages

Language: English

Tigerfeeling® – The Perfect Pelvic Floor Training for Men and Women –, awakens the power that comes from your centre. The exercises are gentle and safe. They’re also fun to do and easy to fit into your daily routine, and the success is immediate: after just one session, you will experience a noticeable – and visible – effect. After only three weeks, you will see measurable changes. Discover and awaken the power of your pelvic floor – for more elasticity, suppleness, vitality and sexual enjoyment! Say goodbye to a weak bladder, incontinence, orgasm problems, back complaints etc. Tigerfeeling gives men and women natural power and grace to last a lifetime.

Experience the lightness, the ease and the anti-gravity effects of a truly erect posture!

Want your tummy flat forever? 


CANTIENICA® exercises for the tummy first align all the bones, the tendons, the ligaments, the muscles. When all that is interconnected with each other precise micromovements achieve the results you wish. You will see the result while you are in the exercise. You will be surprised how fast your tummy flattens with the CANTIENICA® method.

Want your tummy flat for ever?
Want your tummy flat for ever?

Tigerfeeling for her

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Belly miracle
Belly miracle

… and also for men!

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Want your tummy flat for ever?
Want your tummy flat for ever?

Tigerfeeling for her

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Belly miracle 


Lie supine with your arms spread out to the sides at shoulder height. Your elbows are pointing towards your head, the crooks of both arms are pointing towards your feet. Rotate your upper arm muscles outward until your shoulder blades and humeral heads are wide and relaxed, resting on the mat.


Now you need a little imagination. Imagine a golden staff going from one middle finger to the other. In your mind, slide your humeral heads along this staff, all the way to your wrists.Now place your right heel on the floor and let it glide away from your bottom until your leg is stretched out, actively “glide-lengthening” your leg from your pelvis. This will also stretch your trunk musculature (your psoas and iliacus muscles) and connect the entire leg musculature. As always, your feet are forming a soft V; your toes are pointing to the ceiling. Breathe in at the center of your sternum, out to your wrists. Repeat 3 times.


Close your eyes. Stick out your tongue, the tip of your tongue pointing downwards, and draw up your head from the crown until your nostrils are facing down to your sternum. Put your tongue back into your mouth and open your eyes.


Now send your belly button on a journey: to your left sitting bone and right shoulder, then to your right sitting bone and right shoulder. Repeat 3 times. Stretch your belly button towards your left hip bone and right coastal arch (i.e. the bottom edge of your ribcage, right side) and vice versa, towards your right hip bone and left coastal arch.


Rotate your upper arm muscles outward at armpit level. Repeat 5 times. Rotate your upper thigh muscles outward from your groin. Repeat 5 times. Now all at once: Rotate your upper arm and upper thigh muscles outward. Repeat 5 times.


Next, do it diagonally: Rotate your left upper thigh muscles outward from the groin and your right upper arm muscles outward at armpit level. Then rotate your right upper thigh muscles outward from the groin and your left upper arm muscles outward at armpit level. Repeat 5 times on each side, alternating between sides.


As you read this, you may think it’s no big deal, but wait till you’ve tried it – it’s strenuous exercise. Next level: Lift one leg up just a little and draw the “V-in-V” in the air with your foot. Release and switch legs.


This exercise stretches the front of your body. Your front and back should feel equally long. 


Take a break when you neck starts getting tense and your head has trouble holding its position. After a short rest, build up the position again. Please notice: your pelvis does not move when you lift a leg. You let both halves of your pelvis rest and relax on the floor, each individually.


This exercise can also be found in the book "Tigerfeeling – The Perfect Pelvic Floor Training for Men and Women",, 2013, ISBN 978-3-641-10781-9 

What is CANTIENICA® Body in Evolution?

CANTIENICA® Body in Evolution is a vivatomically substantiated posture and movement concept.


„Logical vivatomy, vivatomical logic” – that’s what Benita Cantieni named her method. Why? Because all bones are stretched and aligned according to the original blueprint of the human body, in a way that all of its muscles, chords, ligaments, and fascias obtain their basic tonus and a vivid tension. In an optimal posture (with an errect spine), strength, flexibility and stamina are trained from the core of the body, i.e. its deepest muscle layers. The CANTIENICA® method also brings about beauty benefits: The muscles forming the inner pelvic floor (levator ani) activate the muscles in the back, the abdomen, the buttocks and the legs and therefore improve shape and posture extremely fast and effectively. Practicing the CANTIENICA® method gives you a good and healthy constitution, fostering self-esteem and radiance – independently of your age, size or weight.

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