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CANTIENICA® face forming

Facelifting using muscle power

Even just a brief training session is enough to look fresher and firmer right from the start. And not only that – the special muscle exercises are a blessing for your health too. Problems like teeth grinding, migraine attacks, snoring, tinnitus, jaw joint problems, wryneck syndrome, whiplash injuries, scoliosis and facial paralysis are soothed and sometimes reversed, and tension headaches can disappear.
Requirements: regularity, accuracy, endurance. This requires exercise, will-power, background knowledge, a good posture and joy in what you’re doing. This enjoyment starts when you start to notice the positive effects – and that can happen more quickly than you think.

Does facial gymnastics help against snoring, a double chin and wrinkles?

If the nocturnal snoring comes from slack musculature in neck, throat or palate, CANTIENICA® face forming can help or at least make the unpleasant noise more bearable.

The cushion plays a role too. Preformed cushions for supporting the neck musculature are not a good idea. Muscles have to be used and not supported. Support cushions work like insoles: they simulate the work of the muscles and thus weaken them in the long run.

What can you do against snoring, teeth grinding and wrinkles in the cleavage area?

Go to bed with a slightly inflated stable balloon. The balloon goes under your skull (not under your neck). This feels unusual at first and very wobbly. It is precisely this wobbling which regulates the deeper levels of the mouth, neck and head muscles. 

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