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Feedback at the end of the certification training 

Galen Cranz

Berkeley/Oakland, California

"Always felt that there was a way to straighten my spine, but had not yet found it and even the most sophisticated practicioners have kindly warned me and assumed there is no way to make such profound and major changes. I always knew - beyond reason - that there was a way, if only I could find it. Now I have! Not only will this give me the strength I need, but also the structural changes I long for. It will be perceived as miracle, but I now think it can be taught." 

Elaine Belle

San Francisco

"The understanding and knowledge Benita Cantieni has developed of the pelvic floor and it's important function in daily life as well as exercise has changed my life. Not only does it give more stability and pleasure it also helps me more be at ease and confident within my self.

The CANTIENICA® Training has helped me drop in to a level of knowing and understanding my physical structure that has opened gateways of possibilities for releasing and knowing emotional and spiritual realms I felt blocked in. Benita's work is a gift and full of such deep wisdom.

The way she teaches and shares this knowledge allows each individuals to find their own wisdom and understanding within themselves."


"I liked the pace and the flow of the course. I liked the way Benita could put everyone at ease. Yes, I recommend the training. I will do more." 

Dan Cheeseman

Bloomington, Indiana

"I especially liked the personal coaching. And yes, I do recommend the training." 

Sonja Manhart

Chicago, Illinois

"Instructor is very convincing, clear and straight to the point."

Conor Hughes

Kildare, Ireland

"I first heard of Cantienica® in 2008. At the time I was going through a period of 2 - 3 years of chronic pain from playing competitive sports, and despite my best efforts I couldn’t find the underlying issue as to why I was constantly getting injured.


A friend told me of Cantienica and I travelled to Switzerland to meet with Benita Cantieni. I spent 3 days in her studio taking classes and learning the Cantienica method. As soon as I started my body felt different. My muscles began to relax. I felt taller, lighter, and free in my movement. Pain and tightness around my hip and pelvic regions disappeared. This is where I was having the majority of my pain, but it went away as I continued to practice the Cantienica method.


I wanted to learn everything about Cantienica but unfortunately there were no English courses. So I continued to use what I learned in Switzerland until finally in 2014 Cantienica was taught in English. I jumped at the opportunity to learn the method! 


The certification was held in Berkeley, California, for 5 days. I live in Ireland so it was a long journey to get there but I didn’t mind one bit. I was very excited to learn everything I could. Each part of the certification was insightful, however what I enjoyed most was the choreographies that we performed each day. Benita would instruct us through very precise movements that worked my body from the inside out.


The movements looked simple, yet I found them very challenging. Cantienica helps awaken the parts of your body that you’ve forgotten how to use. Everything gets realigned, and muscles and bones are free to do the work they are designed to do.


The feeling that you get after a Cantienica choreography is just amazing. Simple movements such as walking become a joy, because when your body is free to move optimally it’s like giving yourself an internal massage!


I am currently practicing Cantienica on a daily basis and going through the training manuals that I received at the certification. The exercises are very detailed, and they require my full attention. But as I practice and explore I feel myself improving and developing.


I’ve also started to teach Cantienica to others. They feel the same way after one of our sessions. It’s a delight to be able to help someone rediscover pain free and enjoyable movement. 


I want to thank Benita and everyone who has helped develop Cantienica for giving me the chance to learn this wonderful method. I see myself practicing it for the rest of my life, and I aim to become an excellent instructor. 


If you arecurious about the method I encourage you to give it a try. Visit a class or perhaps a personal training session. If you can dedicate the time, I would highly recommend the the certification."

Lydia Becker

San Rafael, California

"I like the clarity of instructions. Benita's encouragement. The coaching, the transmission of the 'heart hand'. Hands on in combination with the wording. Great. I highly recommend this training." 

Janis Sharkey

Katonah, New York

"I initially felt we should be taking more time with each exercise to have time to understand and integrate it. I was surprised and delighted to learn that the instructor's results came to pass without needing more time. And yes, I recommend the CANTIENICA® instruction to friends and colleagues." 

Mary Gorman

Talent, Oregon

"I liked that it was 5 whole days. Better location next time. I learned a lot and my body loves it. I absolutely recommend it." 

Theresa Nesbitt

Saint Charles, Illinois

"It was excellent in every way. The pace was fantastic and kept me constantly stretched but not strained. The group dynamic was encouraging and attentive. This course is unparalleled in talking to the body through precise insightful exercises. It invites learning without plateau of 'getting it'." 

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