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Certified CANTIENICA® Training, Level 4 Platinum

The use of tools and devices makes training more effective.

Level 4 Platinum enriches all CANTIENICA® trainings with a variety of modifications and offers you endless possibilities to make your choreography varied. The balloon tempts you to more softness and lightness. The Theraband brings intensity and power to the exercises. The gymnastics ball allows therapeutic subtleties even in a group. And the ombow forces absolute precision.


Diploma CANTIENICA® body in evolution Level 3 Gold, license agreement with CANTIENICA Ltd.


170 exercises using an exercise ball, balloons, a TheraBand exercise band, an Ombow ­ – and combinations of all of them.

12 exclusive choreographies for practical studio work.

With the knowledge from stages 1 to 3, highly subtle and especially challenging lessons can be devised, as can workshops, thematic classes and private sessions.


  • Ombow with balloons

  • Ombow with a TheraBand exercise band

  • Balloon exercises with an exercise ball

  • Exercise ball with a TheraBand exercise band

  • Exercise ball with a TheraBand exercise band

  • TheraBand exercise band on the Ombow

  • Exercise ball with raised cushioning

  • Balloon exercises with sitting bones overhanging

These are just a few of the mix-and-match options available.

Level 4 Platinum contains especially gentle positions which help beginners to overcome personal physical obstacles more rapidly. Many other exercises are intensifications of well-known instructions, and they enlighten and astonish regular clients.

Private lessons can be made even more interesting, exciting and productive.

Finally, level 4 platinum greatly expands the repertoire of the instructor, thus preventing boredom and “course tiredness”.


Stage 4 Platinum enriches all CANTIENICA® subjects. The balloon tends to make you more gentle and light. The TheraBand exercise band puts intensity and strength into the exercises. The exercise ball allows therapeutic subtleties in the group too. And the Ombow forces you to be absolutely precise.

In these three days, you as a participant have a lot of intensive work to do on your own body, so be prepared for some demanding training.

Exercise ball, TheraBand exercise band, balloon and Ombow increase the possibilities available in the studio. They allow you to bind your regular clients to the studio by offering them variety and many new exercises.

Infinite variations open up for private lessons. This know-how allows you to augment the effects of the exercises. You can modify the exercises and use them for therapeutic purposes. This opens up infinite opportunities for developing new choreographies because virtually all exercises are multiplied with virtually all tools. This enriches your repertoire in a way which will thrill your studio clients.

Documents, course materials
  • Manual with 170 detailed descriptions of exercises with all possible micromovements for preparation purposes. Like the preceding stages, the manual is delivered at least three months before the intensive course starts. Intensive preparation is obligatory. The course material can only be mastered in three days of practice if this preparation is done.

  • Newly photographed exercise phases

  • Overview of exercises

  • Three exclusive choreographies per topic (12 choreographies in total)

CANTIENICA® exercises with balloons

You can devise varied sequences for a standing, sitting or lying position or entire lessons using two small balloons and/or one large one. The balloon supports the paradox of stretched-out relaxation. On the one hand, it signals lightness and airiness. On the other hand, however, precisely this is what makes the exercises even more intensive and effective. These exercises are for all those who value challenges for themselves and others. The wording must be precise, and coaching encounters a new challenge. 

CANTIENICA® lessons with a TheraBand exercise band

The TheraBand exercise band can be used as a therapeutic “softener”. In well-known exercises, many people give up all blockades and cramps virtually at once when the TheraBand exercise band is used. In many stretching exercises, the band can eliminate barriers, break through old patterns and make stretching easier or more intensive. Arms, wrist joints, head posture, pelvis, stomach, legs, bottom – all muscles react to the tension with even more basic stretching-out and even more basic tension. At the same time, the exercises become safer, easier to coach and considerably more intensive.

CANTIENICA® lessons with an exercise ball

The exercise ball can be used as a therapeutically precise reinforcement: precise work on the sitting bones, fine work in stretching out and stabilisation and in the visualisation of sensomotoric subtleties. On the other hand, seemingly familiar exercises can be experienced in a totally new way. And finally, an extremely challenging workout can be devised using an exercise ball.

Ombow – the little wonder board

Designed as a meditation bench for practising yoga, the slanted wooden bow “Ombow” used the other way around allows intensive sequences to be integrated into the CANTIENICA® lessons. The Ombow works wonders for people who can only find their sitting bones with great difficulty or not at all, cannot separate the sacrum from the coccyx, cannot straighten up their pelvis, have difficulty keeping their back upright and chronically shorten their lower abdomen. Exercises performed in a standing position (on the Ombow) force the body into the perfect stretched-out position above the heels and improve equilibrium.

Course costs

CHF 3800.00   



Benita Cantieni, founder of CANTIENICA® body in evolution

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