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Certified CANTIENICA® Training, Level 1 Bronze

Pelvic floor training. Power training. Coaching. 


The basic training is open to therapists as well as persons switching from other professions. The diploma training starts with 3 months of self-study. The basics are developed with the help of two comprehensive manuals which include an intensive confrontation with your own body. The exercises must be internalised theoretically, physically, cognitively and emotionally.


Training is coupled to a license. Click here for details on the license programme.

Who is the training suitable for?

The diploma training CANTIENICA® body in evolution Level 1 Bronze addresses the following groups:

  • Persons focussing on health, prevention and physical fitness

  • Participants with a therapeutic background  – midwives, gynaecologists, physiotherapists, instructors of kinesiology, the Feldenkrais method, the Alexander technique, yoga, the Franklin method and similar physiotherapies such as Rolfing, Spiral Dynamics, etc.

  • The training is also suitable for gifted persons switching from other professions. Those successfully offering their services include former florists, chemists, lawyers, archaeologists, singers, biologists and many others. Benita Cantieni switched from another profession herself.

The most important basis for work with CANTIENICA® body in evolution is that you see each person in their uniqueness and help them to win back responsibility for, and confidence in, their own body. This is only possible if you personify this confidence yourself. The training courses teach you to lead people in this direction: with posture, charisma and precise verbal instructions and thanks to the unique CANTIENICA® Coaching.


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Procedure in the diploma course CANTIENICA® Level 1 Bronze

  1. Three months of preparation using the two manuals “CANTIENICA® body in evolution level 1 bronze” and “CANTIENICA® Coaching” (part-time study)

  2. 5-day intensive seminar in a small group at the announced course venue

  3. Practical work for at least 90 documented hours (group lessons or individual lessons)

  4. Written examination geared to practical work

  5. 2 days of follow-up with video learning sample, follow-up work and evaluation of the examination documents

  6. Presentation of diploma

Course documents
  • The comprehensive training manual for CANTIENICA® body in evolution Level 1 (Part 1): pelvic floor training, power training, basics of the method, exercises.

  • The training manual CANTIENICA® Coaching (Part 2): teaching, didactics, handling clients, coaching.


  • Models for lesson planning, customer service and acquisition are issued during or after the training

Didactic self-image

In CANTIENICA® body in evolution, learning and teaching are one: if you want to teach posture and the perception of one’s own body as well as awareness of and attentiveness to how it is used, you have to personify all this yourself. The CANTIENICA® Method requires the trainers to learn the anatomically and morphologically beneficial use of the body themselves before passing the information on to others.

Learning objectives

In the basic module CANTIENICA® body in evolution level 1 bronze, you learn the principle of logical three-dimensional body work for yourself and do every exercise alone and in a team. This is a central principle of CANTIENICA® body in evolution: you can only pass on the exercises in a well-founded and vivatomically precise way if you have felt their benefit in your own body. You yourself are the best model for the method you want to teach. This allows you to find your own personal top condition in terms of posture, strength, flexibility and appearance.

This intensive practical work on the body helps you to improve your own perception while simultaneously sharpening your own observation of the postures and movement patterns of others. For Benita Cantieni, it is very important for the method to adapt to the participant and not vice versa. This individuality has brought forth a unique form of coaching: the instructors do not demonstrate the exercises before or while the clients are doing them. Instead, they precisely demonstrate and describe the position in question and put the participants into the optimum posture using targeted, non-manipulative holds and physical contact.

The CANTIENICA® method gives priority to providing safety for bodies, muscles, tendons, joints and fascias. The purpose of individual coaching is to allow the participants to perceive habitual incorrect postures (stiff shoulders, pelvic misalignment, knock-knees, round back, arched back etc.) consciously and take them over into everyday life rapidly, safely and sustainably.

Touch people. With your words. With your eyes. With your hands. Guide them with precise individual touching and help them to assume the optimum position. Trigger targeted, conscious activity using targeted, conscious speech. Get to know, and learn how to control, your own language and body language. Show appreciation for other people. Turn instruction into an encounter. Pick up each client where they are now and lead them to where they want to go. In a loving and conscious way, offer the clients all they need to achieve their aims.

CANTIENICA® Coaching is an integral part of the basic training which ensures the quality of teaching. The course schools psychological abilities and meticulousness in the use of language, demonstration and instruction. CANTIENICA® Coaching teaches you to help people to assume the position optimal for them using targeted, professional, informal holds and physical contact. CANTIENICA® Coaching equips you with self-confidence and a loving attitude towards your clients. You also learn how to spread your attention generously without losing your own energy.

Simple, safe and sustainable guidance and support for men and women of all ages for the purpose of prevention and self-healing in the case of complaints and changes brought about by slackening of the musculature.

Course content

1. Methodical section: CANTIENICA® body in evolution level 1 bronze
  • Introduction: evolution of the pelvis, the pelvic floor and the pelvic musculature

  • Physiology and anatomy of the pelvic floor and the pelvic musculature

  • The importance of the active and actively interconnected pelvic musculature for the health of the spine and all joints in the body

  • Introduction to the relevant vivatomic principles of CANTIENICA® body in evolution

  • The principles: aligning the spine; building up tensile stress in the bones to ensure their life-long health; breathing as an “aid to straightening up” for relaxed stretching-out; three-dimensional mobilisation of all joints, interconnecting of the entire deep musculature starting from the pelvic musculature and the autochthonous back musculature 

  • Indications: who is CANTIENICA® training suitable for?

  • Prospects of success of the training with regard to various complaints and illnesses

  • Anamnesis: previous history, evaluation of the questionnaire, gentleness and psychological sensitivity

  • CANTIENICA® training concept for physical resilience: 100 exercises for healthy bones, joints and fascias, Mobility and strength from 100 % of the muscles. Each exercise includes modifications, intensifications and variations suitable for all age groups and degrees of fitness 

  • Concepts for continuous courses with specific focuses

Personal development

  • Finding out where you stand: what are your personal strengths and what is challenging for you?

  • Choreography: effective, varied coordination of exercise sequences (stretching, mobility, strength for the entire locomotive system)

  • Modifications, intensifications, alternatives and augmentations of the individual exercises

  • Varying class tuition by means of language, motivation, praise and choreography

  • Customer maintenance: preparation with questionnaire

  • Anatomical introduction of the participants prior to class tuition

  • Dealing with pain in a positive way

  • Integrating lessons learned into one’s personal everyday life (anatomically effective lying, sitting, standing, walking , bending, lifting, carrying)

  • Conception and self-assessment for holding successful courses

2. Didactic section: CANTIENICA® Coaching
  • Ways and means of practical teaching

  • The CANTIENICA®-specific didactics

  • Coaching using speech, voice, eyes, ears and hands

  • Internal images, breathing, teaching by presenting a model

  • Discussion of the individual needs of the users

  • Coaching through gentle physical contact


Giving guidance with all of the senses – attentive support turns this method into a self-healing physical training course and a sustainable experience of self for your clients.

Proof of performance
  • In writing: develop 3 choreographies

  • Group work with presentation, learning sample with assessment

  • Proof of practical work

  • Self-assessment

Course costs

CHF 6500.00 plus license

Included in the price:

Two comprehensive training manuals and all documents necessary for successful teaching on basic level 1 bronze as well as supervision until the diploma is issued. The definitive booking is made when we receive the course fees.

After receipt of payment, you will receive the manuals in digital form so that you can prepare. (This should happen at the latest 3 months before the intensive seminar begins). Once the training handbooks with all the know-how they contain are in your possession, we cannot refund your course money if you deregister.

The diploma course CANTIENICA® body in evolution level 1 bronze entitles you to hold group courses, workshops and individual lessons and to use the logo CANTIENICA® body in evolution level 1 bronze. 

You can start immediately after the intensive seminar and put your knowledge into practice. Please see the licensee website for leaflets, images and give-aways for advertising purposes and illustrations for use in tuition.

The diploma course does not entitle you to carry out further training courses or train experts.


Benita Cantieni, founder of CANTIENICA® body in evolution

Quality. Transparency. Comparability.

The CANTIENICA®  training system has been eduQua-certified since 2006. The eduQua certificate distinguishes a good educational institution, contributes towards safeguarding and developing the quality of the training courses and creates more transparency for consumers.

eduQua is an established quality label in the Swiss educational landscape. The label indicates that an educational institution is trustworthy.

Consumer organisations recommend consumers to take note of standards of this kind before deciding on a course of training or further training. 

EduQua is a certification procedure which was specially designed for institutions of further education. It was initiated by the German-Swiss Vocational Training Conference (DBK) and developed to application maturity under the joint leadership of the Federal Office for Professional Education and Technology (OPET) and the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (seco). In the fitness sector in particular, the range offered is huge. The eduQua label helps those interested to separate the wheat from the chaff.


The quality label for institutions of further education has the following aims:


  • To improve transparency for consumers

  • To safeguard and promote the quality of institutions of further education

  • To form a basis for official decisions

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