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Certified CANTIENICA® Training, Level 2 Silver

Back training.


CANTIENICA® body in evolution Level 2 Silver gives you the tools you need to support people with serious injuries caused by incorrect postures as they move towards self-healing: scoliosis can be stopped immediately and the spine straightened out again in time depending on the curvature, age and condition of the bones. Pelvic misalignment, leg length difference, hollow back, round back, flat back, spinal disc damage, ISG syndrome, coccyx syndrome, tension headaches and joint arthroses are all the result of incorrect postures, one-sided stress and anatomically ineffective locomotion. Their consequences can be healed by changing these patterns  – even in the chronic stage.


Diploma CANTIENICA® body in evolution level 1 bronze, license agreement with CANTIENICA Ltd.

Learning objectives

Aligning the straightening up of the skeleton according to the individual blueprint of the person affected. Stacking the bones and joints in a way ensuring that no bone touches, obstructs or restricts another bone. The CANTIENICA® Method calls this fundamental straightening up in the vertical dimension “stretching out”. Like the skeleton musculature as a whole, it is based on the simple principle of tension and countertension. In this anatomically grounded basic tension, each muscle has its own basic tension or muscle tone. This is true for 100% of the musculature, including the so-called autochtonous musculature, which has been considered as not affectable by the will up to now. Tendons and ligaments benefit from this basic tension, are neither shortened nor over-extended and can fulfil their tasks in an optimum way. Of central importance for the elimination of incorrect postures and their consequences are pelvis, thorax, spine, leg axis and arm axis.


You learn the intuition and the empathy necessary to detect the causes of the postural defects and draw up individual training instructions allowing those affected to heal themselves. CANTIENICA® body in evolution Level 2 Silver does not treat those affected as sick people but as healthy ones taking a small diversion. Most complaints develop from postures which were originally beneficial and were chosen more or less consciously as an adaptation, compensation or imitation. A very important element of CANTIENICA® body in evolution Level 2 Silver is the way it deals with pain: the clients are instructed to enter into a dialogue with the pain, and thus with their body. There are different kinds of pain, you see: there is the alarm pain with which the body indicates that a posture, movement or way of handling the pain is not pleasant and is not good for it. If this signal pain is ignored, it turns into a permanent incorrect posture with a permanent signal, There is also the change pain or healing pain: when chronically shortened bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascias are stretched and displaced, this must be palpable. If you engage yourself with the language of the body, you will soon learn to clearly distinguish the warning pain from the beneficial pain as you move towards absolute freedom from pain. In everyday life, «change sensations» are actually signposts to a healthy posture.

  1. Self-study: at least around 8 weeks of preparation using the trainer manual

  2. Intensive seminar at the announced course venue. Intensive training in small groups (max. 14 persons).

  • Principles of CANTIENICA® body in evolution with the focus on back, spine and torso

  • Finding out where you stand (your own strengths and challenges)

  • Stretching out the spine in all situations

  • Alignment of pelvis, thorax and shoulders

  • Anus lifter and diaphragm as the principal internal supports for the healthy skeleton

  • Correction of postural defects – round back, flat back, hollow back, etc.

  • Remedying or relieving of scoliosis, pelvic misalignment, ISG syndrome, pubic bone syndrome, whiplash, etc.

  • The breath as the information transporter for the deep musculature

  • Disc-friendly handling of the back, relieving of all non-inflammatory complaints of cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine and ISG

  • Strength and elasticity for the musculature

  • Schooling of the personal perception and reprogramming of the postural automatisms occurring in everyday life

  • SOS for the back: emergency exercises for everyday life

  • Coaching: guidance through physical contact and giving effective explanations of exercises

  • Preparation and introduction of the participants before tuition starts

  • Concept for the successful performance of self-contained courses, continuous courses and workshops

  • Independent creation and design of classes

  • Teaching sample and issue of a diploma: this qualifies you to teach CANTIENICA® back training

Course documents
  • Trainer Manual CANTIENICA® body in evolution Level 2 Silver: CANTIENICA® back training

  • The most frequent back complaints, their origin and development and your chances of self-healing

  • Detailed descriptions of exercises (approx. 100 exercises)

  • Worksheets and quiz

  • Tuition, ultrafine client-centred coaching, modifications

  • Suggestions for structuring courses

  • Choreographies

  • Questionnaire to determine where you stand

  • Forms for self-assessment

Course costs

CHF 3600.00   

EUR 3272.72          


Benita Cantieni, founder of CANTIENICA® body in evolution

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