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Certified CANTIENICA® Training, Level 3 Gold



Running and walking training

CANTIENICA® level 3b provides instructions for complaint-free locomotion in everyday life and sports. The joint-friendly running and walking movement is developed according to a modular system with exercises which can be immediately integrated into everyday life. Persons with complaints of the locomotive system – arthroses, postural defects, deformations of the feet or knees, pelvic misalignment, ISG syndrome, sciatica, lumbago or shoulder pains – become pain-free in a short time while quickly and sustainably becoming acquainted with the new, beneficial use of the body.


Diploma CANTIENICA® body in evolution Level 3a, license agreement with CANTIENICA Ltd.

Subjects / aims for the providers

Here’s what we want to convey to clients and patients: instead of fighting against gravity with every step, centrifugal force can be used for locomotion. The deep musculature supporting the skeleton is trained to be active in all phases of walking. With the help of consistent stretching out of the spine, people not only subjectively feel lighter while walking – they also set their feet down in a measurably lighter way. The result is that the joints are no longer compressed at every step but are pulled apart instead.

The most important topics in CANTIENICA® level 3b gold

The fine mechanics of the joints and the resulting anatomically effective use (the knee as a hinge joint, the sacrum as a wobbly joint, etc.). How the spine is relieved when impacts occur.

  1. Self-study: at least 6-8 weeks of preparation using the comprehensive Trainer Manual

  2. 3-day intensive course at the announced course venue. Intensive training in small groups (8 to 14 persons). This ensures that each participant can be supported and their performance checked during all exercises.

  • Introduction: dynamic principles of CANTIENICA® body in evolution

  • Finding out where you stand (your own strengths and challenges)

  • Aligning the skeleton

  • Discovering and developing the deep musculature

  • Discovering the pelvic floor musculature and using it in movement

  • Aligning the pelvis

  • Making all joints in the pelvis supple and mobilising them for centrifugal force rotations

  • Optimising the leg axis

  • Strengthening and aligning the foot and ankle joint

  • Making the knee joints supple and moving them in the centrifugal force

  • Realigning the trunk, setting the shoulders in an anatomically beneficial way

  • Harmonising the structure of the thorax

  • Joint-friendly walking: the chain reactions

  • Coordination and stability in locomotion

  • Integrating the exercise principles into your own everyday life

  • Coaching: valuable holds, effective explanations of exercises

  • Preparation and introduction of the participants before teaching starts

  • Concept for holding courses successfully

  • Independent organisation and design of classes

  • Successful participation authorises the user to teach CANTIENICA® running and walking training and other offers for optimising motion sequences.

Course documents

Manual CANTIENICA® Method level 3b for instructors includes:

  • Detailed descriptions of exercises

  • New photographs and illustrations

  • Learning quiz: knowing the right answers

  • Coaching and instruction during tuition

  • Suggestions for structuring courses

  • Questionnaire to determine where you stand

  • Self-evaluation forms

Course costs

CHF 2500.00    


The seminar price includes the training manual with all documents necessary for the successful teaching of CANTIENICA® running and walking training as well as support in the run-up to presentation of the diploma. CANTIENICA® running and walking training entitles you to hold courses, workshops and individual lessons and use the logo CANTIENICA® level 3 gold. The diploma course does not entitle you to hold further training courses or train experts.   


Benita Cantieni, founder of CANTIENICA® body in evolution




Head training

CANTIENICA® Level 3a head training with the focus on head posture, facial muscles, facial expression muscles, neck and shoulders covers a great need. A good posture, a fresh radiance until old age – who doesn’t want that? The facial muscles can be trained just like the muscles in the rest of the body can. Faceforming is sustainable, healthy, comes at a reasonable price and has no unwelcome side-effects or risks. Faceforming is currently booming.


Diploma CANTIENICA® body in evolution level 2 silver, license agreement with CANTIENICA Ltd.


CANTIENICA® level 3a head training gives you information on how the head is structured anatomically, how the joints are mobilised and how the entire musculature can be interconnected. You can pass these “operating instructions for the face” on to interested persons in group courses, workshops and individual lessons. One of the aims here is to soften wrinkles, tauten contours and give participants a fresh, radiant appearance. In addition, CANTIENICA® head training is a guide to self-healing for recurrent migraine, tinnitus, tension headaches, teeth grinding, arthroses of the neck vertebrae which support the head, arthroses of the jaw joints and facial paralysis after surgery or a stroke. You can offer CANTIENICA® head training as a treatment in which you gently make the bones and joints resonate by interconnecting and stimulating the musculature. You can also use group courses to teach the participants to carry out CANTIENICA® head training themselves. The purpose of the training is to interconnect the entire musculature on the skull in a way ensuring that it exerts an active upward pull towards the back instead of following gravity and hanging down at the front. The change can be felt immediately after just one lesson, and it becomes visible after approx. 3 weeks of regular training.

  1. Self-study: at least 6-8 weeks of preparation using the comprehensive Trainer Manual

  2. 3-day intensive course at the announced course venue. Intensive training in small groups (8 to 14 persons). This ensures that each participant can be supported and their performance checked during all exercises.

The most important topics in CANTIENICA® head training
  • Optimising your posture

  • Centring your head on the Atlas (head carrier)

  • Mobilising skull bones and joints

  • Getting to know the “head-supporting musculature” and networking it (nape of the neck, crown point)

  • Interconnecting skull, neck, palate and facial expression musculature

  • Specifically stretching shortened structures (bones, tendons, muscles) on the thorax

  • How wrinkle-forming habits can be reprogrammed

  • Specific exercises for tautening the contours (ear points, chin, temples, forehead)

  • Specific exercises for the area around the eyes: eye muscles, upper lid, lower lid, eyebrows

  • Specific exercises for chin, cheeks and temples and for tautening the nasolabial grooves

  • Specific exercises for the lips and the area around the mouth

  • Guide to self-help for tinnitus, migraine, teeth-grinding, snoring

  • Introduction: basic elements of CANTIENICA® head training

  • Here’s how CANTIENICA® head training works

  • Newly interconnecting the musculature and disempowering gravity

  • Concept for three weeks of intensive training: CANTIENICA® head training

  • Detailed structure for 5 60-minute workshops

  • Preparation and introduction for the course participants

  • Anamnesis: caution and psychological instinct

  • Practical work: structure of the training

  • Instruction: the magic of the hands

  • Competence and intuition: safe teaching and guiding

  • Participation enables you to teach CANTIENICA® head training lessons

Course documents
  • Manual CANTIENICA® method Level 3a head training

  • Worksheets for 6 weeks of preparation designed to train perception

  • Depiction of the relevant musculature (body, head, face)

  • Illustrations showing the different pressure points and pressure lines

  • Questionnaire to find out where you stand

  • Detailed sequence of 5 intensive lessons including all exercises

  • Exact description of every single exercise

  • Concept for intensive training, individual lessons, workshops for CANTIENICA® head training

Course costs

CHF 2500.00         


Benita Cantieni, founder of CANTIENICA® body in evolution


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