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CANTIENICA® body in evolution 

The license programme

Quality, transparency and performance


​Membership of the CANTIENICA® body in evolution license programme is the requirement for participation in any of the training and further training courses. The purpose of the refresher courses is to allow members to expand their knowledge, identify with the method, promote the community, exchange experience and ensure quality development as intended by eduQua. In addition, ready-made workshops are devised for licensed members only. Besides the practical introduction to the subject, the thematic workshops include a trainer’s manual, a handout for participants in the workshop as well as specially designed vivatomic illustrations for visualisation purposes. Even the workshop procedure is included so that you can immediately offer marketable workshops using tried-and-tested concepts. 

The advantages of the license programme​​

  • Brand protection worldwide

  • Licensees can repeat diploma courses for a very reasonable price

  • The addresses of the licensees are listed in the STUDIOFINDER.

  • CANTIENICA Ltd does advertising for licensees in the FORUM or when inquiries go in by phone and e-mail

  • You have access to the exclusive LICENSEE PAGE

  • Free download of illustrations for teaching purposes

  • Free master copies for short programmes and leaflets

  • Exclusive rights to use the new logo and the new claim “CANTIENICA® body in evolution”

  • Talks about methods and podcasts by Benita Cantieni provide you with the latest knowledge at all times

  • Pictorial material for your website

  • The password-protected forum allows you to network with other members

  • Support in the editing of press articles


The obligations of licensees


In return, you as the licensee agree to undergo regular training and further training: to stay up-to-date, you have to take part in at least one refresher course every two years. For CANTIENICA Ltd, the license programme is an important measure which keeps the CANTIENICA® body in evolution on a uniform high level worldwide and sustainably safeguards the quality.

The costs of the license program


All instructors have to have a license. Domain and Studio license are facultative. You will find the cost overview for the license programme here:



Links to the license contracts

Here you will find all contracts as PDF forms. To ensure the correct use of the forms, please use the free Adobe Acrobat Reader (LINK to the download). Please use the file name “License contract _TYPE_NAME FIRST NAME” (Ex.: "License contract _Domain_Smith John.pdf")


"It was like a journey. I discovered a lot about my body and about working with people. I enjoyed the group. I realized that there is so much more development possible. I look forward to exploring more. And I now have the courage to work with my clients over the internet. Thank you for every minute." B.W.

"It was my big dream to work directly with you, Benita. Now I know that dreams can come true even with Zoom. I was skeptical before, yet it was great. The course was very intense in a wonderful way. I am impressed with the development of the method. Now I have to decide what to introduce to my clients first. Coaching really works through Zoom. We will keep in touch. Many thanks to Chiara for organizing the course and for her patience with us." J.C.

"I am glad I did this upgrade. I originally completed the separate modules Pelvic Floor. Power Program, Coaching. Combining the modules into one intensive was a very good decision, it's a different dimension. I get so much deeper into the interconnectedness of everything with everything. I enjoyed the group, it was a pleasure working with you and I hope we meet in person sometime in the future." P.C.

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