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CANTIENICA® Studio Zurich

Zoom livestream Basic Course in English

Learn from the source. One year training with Benita Cantieni


"I have been asked over and over: Benita, can't you do a training in English intense enough to really make CANTIENICA® body in evolution my new habit? A private lesson here and a class there just isn't enough. Yes, I can. Thanks to the fact that Covid-19 made us digital nomads."


This is the unique offer

Benita Cantieni, the founder of CANTIENCA® Body in Evolution - accompanies you exclusively to discover your best body.

The introduction to the principles, basics and subtleties of this unique concept for posture and movement and the acquisition of the highly effective exercises will take place in weekly steps.

You will attend Livestream lessons via Zoom. The classes will be audio-recorded, so that you can repeat the lessons at your needs. Or, if you miss class, you catch up with the recording.
After 6 weeks you will be equipped with the basic repertoire of CANTIENICA® Vivatomy, you will hold yourself differently, you will move in the freedom and ease you lost with your childhood.
From here on Benita creates one live lesson per month, building up exactly on the foundation of the 6 weeks course in order to refine your Body in evolution. This 10 lessons will be recorded, too. At the end of the course you will own 16 lessons that reform your body from toe to top.


This is an offer not to be missed. What is included in the 880 francs?


  • 16 lessons live with the of the CANTIENICA® method, Benita Cantieni

  • 16 audio recordings

  • A glossary with explanations, illustrations of Vivatomie® - the counter design to the out-dated anatomy


What results can be expected?


  • No more back pain. No more shoulder pain. No more posture-related headaches.

  • Perfect posture. Perfect shape.

  • Breathing for health. Massaging your organs with every breath.

  • Integration of the best  diaphragm training.

  • Interconnection of all physical structures – bones, fasciae, ligaments, tendons, muscles.

  • Ease and grace in motion.

  • CANTIENICA® body in evolution includes everything, a body needs. 

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  • Join Benita Cantieni in a 6 weeks basic course in CANTIENICA® body in evolution.


  • Array the bones and connect the bones with 100 % fasciae, ligaments, tendons and muscles for an ever increasing lightness and core-strength.


  • Learn directly from the founder of the method and her 30 years of experience in manifesting liberation on the physical plane.

CANTIENICA® body in evolution –

Continuous course for consumers in English

introduced by Benita Cantieni​

  • 6 weekly lessons, each with a different choreography – increasing mode

  • Audio recording for additional self-study training sessions 

  • Follow up 1 lesson per month livestream and Audio recording

  • PDF: How to integrate what you learned into your daily routine

  • The Follow-up lessons will have a focus, like all studio lessons

  • Disclaimer: not an education training


 Week 1 

4 Aufrichtung.jpg
Bones first.

True erection. 

Introduction to the principles.

 Week 4 


The innate stretch in all structures comes first.

 Week 2 

3 Levator ani im Becken.jpg
Get to the core.

Levator ani, Diaphragm: connect all core musculature.

 Week 5 

Strength without strain.

Real power is easy on the joints.

 Week 3 

From toe to top.

Connect all with all: Bones, ligaments, sinews, fascia, muscles.

 Week 6 

Fully erect. Now relax.

True power is stress-free.

Dates for this Basic course


  The course time is still undetermined.

Dates 6 weeks continuation course 

Also the dates for the next course are not yet determined.


Follow up: one lesson per month via livestream 

Also the dates for the next course are not yet determined.

There are two booking options. The basic course with or without private lesson. A private lesson with Benita Cantieni normally costs 400 CHF. For participants of the course, the personal lesson in the premium package costs only 220 CHF. With the Premium booking you have a personal appointment for sure.

CANTIENICA® body in evolution – Basic

Package price for 6 week introduction and 12 months adjacent lessons 

CHF 880.-

CANTIENICA® body in evolution – Premium

CANTIENICA® body in evolution – Basic


1 Private lesson (60 minutes) with Benita Cantieni

CHF 1100.-



Like what you see? Get in touch to learn more.
If you are interested in such a course, please write to us. 

Thanks for submitting!

Keeps more than promised.

For your best Body ever and forever. Fitness, Therapy, Fun. All inclusive.

"For me personally, CANTIENICA® is more a life style than a training method. I practise at the bus stop, when standing in line, while jogging, talking on the phone, drying my hair, cleaning the bath tub, picking up kids etc. It’s a MUST HAVE, I couldn’t live without it any more…"

Larene Thomson, Hamburg

"I had tried different training methods to strengthen and shape my body, but none of them was as effective as CANTIENICA®."

Victoria Janisch, Luxembourg

"A friend told me of CANTIENICA® Method and I travelled to Switzerland to meet with Benita Cantieni. I spent 3 days in her studio taking classes and learning the CANTIENICA® Method. As soon as I started my body felt different. My muscles began to relax. I felt taller, lighter, and free in my movement. Pain and tightness around my hip and pelvic regions disappeared. This is where I was having the majority of my pain, but it went away as I continued to practice the CANTIENICA® Method." 

Conor Hughes, Kildare, Ireland

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