A matter of the heart: Project Air, founded by Deirdre Summerbell

Updated: Aug 12, 2018

In March, Benita found the following email in her inbox:

"Dear Ms Cantieni,

I recently came across your book, Tigerfeeling, and would like to let you know how very impressive I find it. I am the director of a charity in Rwanda that works with HIV+ genocidal rape survivors and their HIV+ children. We use a range of physical strategies, including yoga, to help relieve the emotional and physical traumas pervasive in the patient population we serve. I believe that the approach you have developed would be very useful for the people we work with and would like your permission to experiment with aspects of it in our programme. If this would be of interest to you, please let me know and perhaps we could arrange to communicate further.

With kindest regards,

Deirdre Summerbell"

Several emails and two Skype conversations later we were decided: We were going to support this initiative!

On 22 June, Benita will fly to Rwanda to instruct Deirdre Summerbell and her 12 team members how to teach the CANTIENICA® method. Her trip will be sponsored by CANTIENICA AG.

Deirdre had asked us to bring gym balls and yoga mats along, which actually resulted in about 150 pounds flight package overweight. Fred-Marc Gmür will help Benita carry all that stuff and join her on her trip to Kigali, especially as a filmer and photographer. In this blog, we will keep you posted on our trip to Rwanda and the project we will be supporting there.

"For quite a long time, I have wished to get involved with my CANTIENICA® method in whatever humanitarian project," Benita points out. "Deirdre’s project inspires me, and I am happy to grasp the chance."

150 pounds overweight: gym mats, balls and bands sponsored by Mediafit.

Our collaboration with Project Air is supposed to be a long-term engagement. Our heartfelt thanks in advance for all your support! We will keep you posted, via this blog and Facebook.

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