Always be prepared for surprises ...

(How to get prepared for a trip to Rwanda? – continued)

Everything boils down to an excellent preparation! And it seems easy, thanks to the internet, Google, Wikipedia, etc.

Your passport and visa arriving back right on the day of your flight check-in? Boy, why fuss about that? After all, that was just in time, wasn’t it. True, the postman surely will not be witness to a Mexican Wave being performed each time he delivers the mail.

Arrived, at last. Packed our suitcases and other stuff on a trolley and went off to the customs gate. An officer stops us, her attention having been caught by the huge boxes completely wrapped in glaring red plastic foil. She wants to know in detail what is in there. Is it new or used stuff? Will all that be re-exported or stay in the country? In spite of “the internet” having told us that people in Rwanda speak French, this officer obviously is speaking English. As soon as Deirdre Summerbell is here to explain everything in Kinyarwanda, things are moving quite fast. Quite so ... just a sec ... wait. After everything regarding the boxes’ content (uninspected) has been clarified, we are being advised that no import of plastic materials to Rwanda is allowed. No further questions asked, no further comments given. We unwrap the boxes at the customs and finally pass the gates.