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Yoga has been around for 3,000 years – for many, that is proof of its qualities. However, we question whether good old yoga is able to furnish your contemporary body with what it needs for modern-day existence.

Our planet has changed. The environment has changed. We have changed. We live much longer today than our forebears did 3,000 years ago. Life expectation has more than tripled since.

Our lifestyles have changed. Most of us sit a lot – at the breakfast table, in the car or train during our commute, at the office, in the theater, the restaurant, in front of the television.

That’s why our bodies need fundamental maintenance. That’s exactly what the CANTIENICA® Method for Bodyform & Posture offers: profound, essential maintenance.

It starts with adjusting the bones and the joints through alignment. When all the bones in your body are aligned, 100% of your skeletal musculature is alert, ready to move. This alertness forms the basis for precise positions and micro-movements that train each and every muscle, fascia, ligament, and tendon.

Literally all the muscles in your body.

Diaphragm and pelvic floor are treated like floors in a skyscraper: the diaphragm holds the organs of the upper torso: heart, lungs, liver. The pelvic floor, or more precisely, the levator ani, is responsible for power and ease in the lower body, carrying stomach, colon, reproductive organs.

In the next step, the core muscles get exactly what they need: the autochthonous musculature enveloping the spine is stretched and strengthened at the same time, thus ensuring health for the spine. From this middle axis, all the muscles on the back, front, and sides of the body get interconnected.

The CANTIENICA® Method uses breath as transmitter of information throughout the body. Linked with guided awareness and carefully initiated imagination, the body recuperates its ingenious ability to connect everything with everything. This natural “chain reaction” brings effortless ease and lightness to all movements.

In Europe, hundreds of thousands have chosen the CANTIENICA® Method as their lifestyle. It provides them with flexibility, strength, and a youthful capability to react appropriately in everyday situations, protecting the body from accidents and injuries. Over 600 therapists, osteopaths, midwives, and medical professionals throughout Europe are working successfully with the CANTIENICA® Method: because it is safe, sustainable and – fun.

Want to know first-hand what the CANTIENICA® Method can do? Read the testimonials!

You still love Yoga? So do we! The CANTIENICA® Method gives you the best protection for your spine and all your joints when indulging in your yoga practice. Awaken the intelligence of your body, bones, and fascia. Learn the language of your body. Go for your best body ever.

Find out all about the first Certification Training in the USA!

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