CANTIENICA® Power Program – Body Toning Workout

Longing for a truly upright gait with sleek movements? And for well-toned muscles and beautiful shapes? Here’s how: by absolving this body toning workout, you’ll gain more power, litheness, grace and beauty. But that’s not all. Its 10 exercises will stretch, shape and sleeken your body as you practise. Have fun!

1 Majestic grandeur

Stand upright, placing your feet in a very slight V position. In one go, pull your pubic bone and tailbone downward and the crown of your head upward. Lift your arms and keep them stretched up beside your ears. Fold your hands, palms facing up while relaxing your shoulders. Rotate your upper arms’ muscles outward and backwards. Draw the crown of your head to your hands while gently nudging your heels into the floor. Imagine breathing in at your left heel and out at your right shoulder and, vice versa, breathing from your right heel to your left shoulder. Repeat 5 times.