Bone whispering

Feedback at the end of the 1st certification training in the USA

"Always felt that there was a way to straighten my spine, but had not yet found it and even the most sophisticated practicioners have kindly warned me and assumed there is no way to make such profound and major changes. I always knew - beyond reason - that there was a way, if only I could find it. Now I have! Not only will this give me the strength I need, but also the structural changes I long for. It will be perceived as miracle, but I now think it can be taught." Galen

"I initially felt we should be taking more time with each exercise to have time to understand and integrate it. I was surprised and delighted to learn that the instructor's results came to pass without needing more time. And yes, I recommend the CANTIENICA® instruction to friends and colleagues." Janis

"Instructor is very convincing, clear and straight to the point." Sonja

"I especially liked th