Did you (still) know that...

Funny and interesting things that happened to us or were found out by us during our trip to Kigali/Rwanda in June 2014 which we did on behalf of Cantienica AG Zurich.

... Rwanda by no means has the same power plug system like Switzerland and Liechtenstein, in spite of Wikipedia saying so?

... the Rwandan currency is the Franc, i. e. the Rwandan Franc (RWF)? The biggest bank note is 5.000 RWF and equals to about 5 euros (according to exchange rate on 30 June 2014).

... you are permitted to import less than the value of five bottles of beer in local currency?

... the preferred public transport means in Kigali are moto taxis?

... taxi drivers calculate the fee according to the skin colour of their passengers (white ones having to pay twice of what locals would pay)?

... Rwanda is called the “Land of a Thousand Hills”?

... Kigali is the capital of Rwanda?

... Kigali is located at between 4.600 and 5.400 feet above sea level?

... Kigali is located just a bit south of the Equator?

... the climate of Kigali, due to its geographical location, is quite mild throughout the year?

... Rwandans speak Kinyarwanda?

... French and English are official languages there, too, albeit spoken only by a minority?

... plastic bags are officially not permitted in Rwanda?

… Rwanda was a German colony from 1884 until 1916?

... Rwanda gained independence from Belgium in 1962?

... the current Rwandan flag was only introduced in 2001?

... in Kigali throughout the year the sun rises at about 6 am and sets at about 6 pm?

... Malarone is the standard medicine for malaria prevention and costs a fortune?

... you may well be given completely different application instructions on Malarone by two different Swiss doctors?

... the “perfume” most used by tourists in Central and East Africa is anti-mosquito spray?

… that Rwandan locals knowing Deirdre Summerbell call her “Didi”?

... during Central Europe Summer Time Rwandan time equals to Middle European time?

… one bottle of champagne costs twice as much (41 euros) as one bottle of Johnny Walker Red Label whisky (20 euros) (in Switzerland the same champagne being 9 euros and the whisky 13 euros)?

... a standard dumbbell costs 120 euros in Rwanda (June 2014) ?

... you get controlled quite thoroughly by Kigali Airport staff?

... you are not allowed to enter Kigali Airport without a flight booking confirmation?

... Entebbe is the former capital of Uganda?

... Entebbe is located on a Lake Victoria peninsula?

... Lake Victoria is the second biggest freshwater lake of the world and the biggest lake of Africa?

... Lake Victoria belongs to Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya?

... Brussels Airlines do have a huge choice of films and you can watch whichever you like on the seatback screen in front of you? And that they do not have live TV for e. g. watching the World Cup match of Switzerland against Honduras?

... there are passengers who sit down on a double seat in sets of three?

... flight attendants can be very insisting and convincing in placing passengers on the seats reserved for them?

… you cannot see “Manneken Pis“ from the aircraft approaching Brussels?

... there are passengers who, before take-off, still would like to go for a pee, with the speed-up phase being only 20 seconds away?

… a passenger aircraft can speed up to 120 mph in about 10 seconds?

… CANTIENICA® – Method for Body Form and Posture is the most efficient method to strengthen your deep musculature? And that it is preventive, curing and will even make you beautiful?

… Project Air is a non-profit organisation committed to supporting victims of the Rwandan Genocide of 1994 by providing classes of Yoga as trauma relief, among other things?

… since June 2014, Project Air have integrated CANTIENICA® exercises in their yoga lessons?

… Cantienica AG supports Project Air in Rwanda and was there in June 2014 to teach the CANTIENICA® method to Project Air instructors?

… the company Mediafit Swiss International GmbH had sponsored the initiative with gym balls and yoga mats which Benita Cantieni brought along for Deirdre Summerbell in June 2014?

… Project Air in Rwanda collaborates closely with the NGO WE-actx?

… WE-actx is an initiative committed in supporting HIV-infected people in Rwanda and engaged in AIDS prevention?

… in order to continue their precious work for Rwandan people Project Air depend on regular donations?

… Madonna, too, supports Project Air?

Text and photo by Fred-Marc Gmür

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