Get in touch with your Levator Ani

Initial position

Sit on the edge of a chair or stool. Align exactly along the center of your sitting bones. Your pubic bone and tailbone are aligned vertically to the floor. Your feet and knees are hip-wide; your feet are placed in a very slight V position on the floor. Imagine your chest lifting upwards away from your pelvis, activating your trunk musculature. Let the crown of your head point straight up. Relax your shoulders. Your hands are resting on your upper thighs, palms up.

Now start nudging the joints at the base of your big toes and the centers of your heels downwards into the floor, very softly and simultaneously, and feel your sitting bones move at the base of your bottom. Hooray! You have discovered your levator ani.

Repeat a few times to familiarize yourself with this feet-pelvis chain reaction. Now intensify the little nudge from your big toe bases and heel centers. Repeat 10 times.

Next, alternate between sides, nudging with the left big toe and heel, then the right. Repeat 10 times on each side.

Next level: Let your feet rest and place your hands on your groin, that is, at the two creases at the junction between legs and torso. Try to rotate your upper thigh muscles outward from your groin. Just the muscles; your bones, knees, and legs stay put. Can you do it? Great, you’ve conquered your levator ani. If you’re having trouble, your pelvic posture may still be a little off.

Tigerfeeling – The perfect pelvic floor training for men and women

Tigerfeeling® – The Perfect Pelvic Floor Training for Men and Women –, awakens the power that comes from your centre. The exercises are gentle and safe. They’re also fun to do and easy to fit into your daily routine, and the success is immediate: after just one session, you will experience a noticeable – and visible – effect. After only three weeks, you will see measurable changes. Discover and awaken the power of your pelvic floor – for more elasticity, suppleness, vitality and sexual enjoyment! Say goodbye to a weak bladder, incontinence, orgasm problems, back complaints etc. Tigerfeeling gives men and women natural power and grace to last a lifetime.

Customer reviews

"Well described exercises! Very well written book! Interesting to read. All exercises are well described and i am starting to include them in my fitness routine." Alexandra

"Love my Tigerfeeling. Actually 5 Stars are not enough to rate this book. The exercises are truly life changing! I'm recommending it to everyone I know." Amazon Customer

"Tigerfeeling – The perfect pelvic floor training for men and women – is the best exercise book I’ve read so far. This is definitely a book I want to own in print and I highly recommend it! The author, Benita Cantieni, explains her new groundbreaking exercise method with common sense and uses a whole-body approach which makes it convincing and logical even to the reader who is not highly trained in human anatomy. The exercises are gentle and safe yet very effective. “Tigerfeeling” is for everybody regardless of age and gender. Exactly for these reasons, I believe, the book would be a great success in the U.S." Sonja Manhardt, Chicago IL (via E-Mail)

"Five Stars. A great book, and a great practice." IL

"Insightful Book. Very helpful." alan zwerin

"Everybody, who wants a healthy body (and mind) should read this book. I have known about Benita Cantieni for about 15 years. She has developed her method all by herself. Against many objections, obstacles and criticism she has persevered and succeeded. At last somebody who understands the human body from using it and being aware of it."

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