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Dear Reader,

I am happy to tell you that my German bestseller is now available in English: “Tigerfeeling – The perfect Pelvic Floor Training for Men and Women” is now available as an e-book.

During my last visits to the UK and the US, I checked the local book market, and let me tell you: There is nothing like this book in English yet. Tigerfeeling is a revolution. Tigerfeeling is an evolution.

Part 1 of my book explains a radical new anatomy to you. It shows you how to rearrange your bones in the most perfect manner. Interconnecting the deepest lay-ers of your muscles this bone redesign will provide you with a kind of “corset” consisting of 100 percent of your musculature.

Part 2 contains step-by-step exercises that show you how you achieve …a perfect postureultimate strength from your body’s coreflexibility for the jointshealth for your pelvic floor and spinegrace and litheness in motionThe German edition of "Tigerfeeling" so far has reached more than a million readers. I received thousands of letters and emails of people stating that this book has changed their lives for the better. Which does not surprise exactly, as its con-tent provides you with sound knowledge and a hands-on approach to heal your-self from ...