Hybrid-Training Level 1 in English November 2020

The Feedbacks. Some participants attended Modules in the old system CANTIENICA® Bodyform & Posture and did the training as Upgrade. For some it was the initial training. The plans for the Follow-up depend on the developments with Covid-19. Live coaching possibilities will be offered as soon as the situation allows it. As most instructors cannot teach in person all participants are grateful for having experienced how much closeness is possible via Zoom. Even hesitant skeptics are keen to offer classes via Livestream now.

K.D. by Zoom

I learned so much more than I expected - I experienced things I knew in a fresh look at them. So many new ideas. I am really happy that I could learn so much from Benita and Jan, I can’t wait to work with all this.

B.W. by Zoom

It was like a journey. I discovered a lot about my body, about working with people. I enjoyed the group. I realize that there is so much more development possible. I look forward to explore more. And I have the courage now to work with my clients via Internet. Thank you for every minute. Thank you my new friends in Poland and abroad.

J.C. by Zoom

It was my big dream to work with you directly, Benita. Now I know that dreams even can come true by Zoom. I was skeptical before, yet it was great. The course was very intense in a wonderful way. I am impressed with the evolution of the method. Now I have to decide what I will introduce to my clients first. Closeness really works by Zoom. We will stay in touch. Say thank you to Chiara for organizing this course and for her patience with us.

A.H. by Zoom

I loved it. I knew it would be great by Zoom, I know the method works through time and space. I enjoyed being instructed, and the concentration on myself was great. And I’m proud that I had the courage to do this course in English.

D.G. by Zoom

I’m not very good talking about my emotions. I was afraid of this training. I didn’t need to be. The atmosphere was so warm, I felt really integrated. I wasn’t just attending a Workshop, I was integrated in a process, we really worked together. I was tired of the situation we are in with Covid-19. Now I feel energized to continue. And I will concentrate on making CANTIENICA® my main profession.

A.S. by Zoom

It was a great experience for me, my mind and my body. Thank you for the great atmosphere, for the patience, the empathy and the open mind.

W.W.W. by Zoom

Thank you for all. It was a lot for me, although because my English isn’t good.

A.W. by Zoom

Let me tell you what W. said to me yesterday. She said: „Oh my god, with Cantienica everything is connected with everything.“ It was great for me to see and feel you, Benita, the face of Cantienica. Thanks to you, Jan, during your lessons I felt like you were next to me in the room. And we really felt connected. The energies travel well.

A.C. live in the Studio Zurich

I came to Zurich thinking that I know the method from intensely exercising and studying the materials. Here I mad a big step in my body, you changed me and my body. And I realise I am at the start.

G.G. live in the Studio Zurich

I am so happy to know all of you. I am so much more in my body now. I love it.

P.C. live in the Studio Zurich

I am happy that I did this upgrade. I originally attended the separate modules Pelvic floor. Powerprogram, Coaching. Combining the Separates into one intensive course was a good decision. I get so much deeper into the connectedness of everything with everything. I enjoyed the grou, it was a joy to work together we you and I hope that we will meet in person sometime in the future.

Jan and Benita: We hope so, too. Thanks for making this course a wonderful experience.

Thanks for making this course a wonderful experience.

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