By Piotr Przybylak on December 27, 2019

Benita Cantieni is a person who has a real story to tell. And it is something for everyone, because all of us should care about our health. It is the story about CANTIENICA®.

A former journalist writing for women’s magazines, who was suffering from scoliosis since childhood. she has gone through a bumpy life path that few have gone through to finally create something that can really change the lives of others.

CANTIENICA® body in evolution is an intelligent form of fitness and the optimum training for anyone wishing to increase their muscle mass and also gain more elasticity, a good posture and more charisma. It gives you visible results as well as tangibly more strength, suppleness and vitality. This unique training method uses attentive self-perception to prevent, alleviate or improve incorrect postures and their consequences. CANTIENICA® body in evolution is an integral approach which more and more therapists are now recommending to their clients.