Kigali - Day 5

Updated: Aug 12, 2018

'Yesterday' evening, Fred-Marc travelled back to Switzerland. So in all blog posts to come photos will be from my smartphone.

The internet connection was not really stable today.

For what it’s worth, Deirdre and I managed to work together. The two of us had a CANTIENICA® lesson, tailored to the consequences of some “yoga accident” Deirdre had years ago due to negligent coaching instructions. After the lesson, she demonstrates me a Yoga sequence called Dead Bugs. For all the differences I find in both systems – yoga and Cantienica – they fit together all the same. One thing, however, is clear to me: To be able to practice Yoga in a way that feels comfortable to me, I need my “vivatomic base”.

Back from the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre. The place was crammed full of local people, we guessed there must have been more than 100 walking throughout the building, the garden, passing by the mass graves. A Japanese, Deirdre and me. The first board I notice has me flabbergasted: “Main rehearsal for the genocide”. Deirdre explains: These “rehearsals” had started back in 1959 and were mainly to test the reactions of the west. And as there were none, the rehearsals were continuously extended until, in 1994, between 800.000 and one million people were killed within 100 days, 350.000 to 500.000 women were raped systematically, infected with HIV and made pregnant. The Rwandan Genocide. The Memorial Centre was inaugurated in 2004, 10 years after.

“And while you are writing the Genocide continues,” Deirdre says, “in the Congolese Civil War, that is. Recent official counts state there have been killed more than 24 million people since 1996 (i. e. when the first Congolese War began). Murdered in a brutal way which surpasses your imagination.” The figures date from 2013. I cannot prove whether they are right or wrong as today in Kigali we are having repeated crashdowns of the internet. To tell the truth, the murdering is going on, also between Hutu and Tutsi and between exiled Tutsi and Hutu. “And you know why the west does not take the trouble to interfere,” Deirdre puts in. “The most precious raw materials and minerals come from Congo.”

Just in case I am spreading erroneous details here, feel free to correct me.

Our plans for the next days are being messed up by some visa formalities Deirdre is involved in. Maybe you will only hear back from me Saturday ... from Uganda then.

Image source: “Rwanda 20 years after the Genocide”

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