My story about how the CANTIENICA® method helped me to heal myself

Updated: Jan 25

"I was born in 1964 in Sweden. There I work as a horse trainer. My aim is to help people to build a better relationship with their horses. I teach them how to communicate with the animals through body language and how to build a feeling of trust. Some of my horses help me in my healing sessions for young people with self-destructive behavior."

I learned about the CANTIENICA® method in spring 2015 through Heike Bettendorf in Spain. I had received a hip replacement in early March 2015 and moved to Spain three weeks after surgery. In May, Heike and I started CANTIENICA® sessions.

At first I was skeptical: How could these small and gentle exercises make me strong? But I did my homework. My motivation was to ride again, to return to my job and to learn how to surf!

In September I was back in the saddle. I had never felt so strong and centered in my body! I also took the surfing course. I stayed in contact with Heike over the years and she always supported me with customized CANTIENICA® exercises.