Tigerfeeling. The perfect Pelvic Floor Training for Women and Men

Dear Reader,

This is the fourth edition of my Tigerfeeling book on the pelvic floor in German, the first in English. I have reviewed it completely to include all my latest – and strictly empirical – insights. This edition and my first Tigerfeeling from 1997 have only three basic concepts in common: Firstly our pelvic floor musculature is crucial for our health, posture, and beauty; secondly the right exercises and workout make it easy to train the pelvic floor muscles sensibly and with lasting results; thirdly the training is fun and helps develop great physical awareness.

I used to believe that anatomy was an exact science. Dissecting and mapping the human body. Exploring it to the tiniest detail. Defining. Analyzing. My first doubts arose in the 1980s, when I worked as a journalist and tried to research an article on why there are different skin colors. I wanted to know the evolutionary reasons for this wide range of phenotypes within one and the same species. I found a lot of racist ideology and nothing of substance. Nothing at all. My article turned out to be about my fruitless search.