Wear the mask with grace and and stay happy

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Most Covid-19 masks have ear loops. They pull the ears forward, enough to put strain on the jaw and its joints. The mask itself seduces the wearer to stick the face forward, into the mask. That makes the skull slide forward on the atlas. Muscles, nerves, sinews, fascia experiences micro strain. That micro strain mounts up with time and can cause serious discomfort.

So, make wearing the mask a challenge. Here is my personal mini workout for wearing the mask with grace – and self-love. Without straining the posture.

First: Don‘t put your face into the mask. Bring the mask to your fac. Standing tall, upright and aligned. You will realize: Your mood stays up when you stay upright. It‘s the magic of embodiment. Good posture produces „happy hormones“, bad posture creates stress hormones.

The nerves of the face and the neck are very sensitive to the way you hold yourself up. Trigeminus, Facialis and the ventral Vagus nerve deliver immediate response: Bad posture, stressed nerves, bad mood.