What is Project Air?

Updated: Aug 12, 2018

A project it was high time for, to say the least. Project Air, as a non profit organisation, has developed a unique programme to help (mainly female) victims of the Rwandan genocide to relieve their trauma and overcome psychic problems resulting from it. The project mainly supports HIV/AIDS-infected women and children by teaching them Air Yoga, which is supposed to help victims cope with the disastrous consequences of the genocide, with rape and other violations, and their having been infected by HIV/AIDS.

During the last two years, Project Air together with the medical NGO WE-ACTx, managed to get the United Nations involved as a supporter of their project. The first time ever that a yoga initiative received formal consent of the UN!

Currently, Project Air is planning its first expansion, to Eastern Congo for girls and women living there – in one of the most dangerous places in the world, that is.

"Yoga has had such an impact on my life that when I heard about Project Air, and the work it's doing with women and children in Rwanda, whose lives have been shattered by AIDS and by genocide, I had to support it. Using yoga to help treat trauma and rebuild damaged bodies and lives is a wonderful idea whose time has finally come. And Project Air really does heroic work. In fact, everyone should support it, especially now that it is taking its inspiring work into other troubled regions, like Eastern Congo."

Madonna, Singer & Songwriter