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Walk and run better using the CANTIENICA® Method. This walking and running training sets new standards


Born to move: Walking and running are part of human nature


No other vertebrates but us are capable of the upright diagonal gait on two legs, without which we could not have developed into homo sapiens at all. Upright from head to toe, elastic, seemingly without effort. Humans with a natural way of life such as the East African Masai are a good demonstration that our body was made for walking and running!

Do you go jogging as a counterbalance to your office job? And are you one of those who always have pains in their knees, foot joints or hips after jogging? Or do you find jogging generally strenuous and say it’s definitely not for you? Regardless of whether you jog or not, problems and pains occurring during walking and running are caused by a gait which is not suitable for our species. 

CANTIENICA® walking and running training teaches you the natural movement pattern of human beings, the diagonal gait. You learn to balance your body through the deliberate activation of the two important intermediate levels pelvic floor and diaphragm in a way allowing it to follow its natural tendencies with regard to walking and running. CANTIENICA® walking and running training puts your entire musculature in starting position. This puts a spring in your step, makes you light-footed and is easy on your joints – so you can simply run away from your pains.

New order for your bones


The CANTIENICA® Method is based on the model of a human body in which everything interacts harmoniously from toe to head. Therapeutically correct exercises for the whole body teach you to read your own body and help bones, muscles, tendons and fascias to reach their natural length.
Right from the start, Benita Cantieni, the founder of the method, trusted in her own body awareness and developed a training method which can be taught to any man or woman. Several thousand users confirm that the method gave them vitality and kept them healthy.

The mainstay of the CANTIENICA® Method is “VIVATOMY®” – this “live anatomy” observes and analyses living persons and derives an ideal model of the body from them. With the help of extremely subtle exercises, the training gives you a body-friendly posture and body-friendly movement in literally all walks of life. The CANTIENICA® Method gives you all-round body knowledge that will serve you well in everyday life and empower you to heal yourself. 

Licensed CANTIENICA® instructors offer thematic workshops and individual or group lessons as well as personal training or retreats.

CANTIENICA® walking and running training –

what do you get out of it?

  • A supple gait

  • Open, harmonious movements

  • More endurance when walking and standing

  • Straight, powerful legs

The training gives you a feeling for the statics of the body and the natural sequence of movements

CANTIENICA® walking and running training

helps in the following cases:

  • Flat feet, splay feet, pigeon toes

  • Hallux valgus, hammer toes and other 

  • Deformed feet, heel spur

  • Knee complaints, damaged meniscus

  • Backache, ISG syndrome

  • Hip complaints

  • Neck and shoulder pains

Cantienica Handbuch 9310.jpg
Cantienica Handbuch 9326.jpg
Sitting bones echo while sitting


Sit at the front edge of the stool with your feet hip-narrow and in V position. Put your knees exactly above your heels. Bend your arms at your sides as if you were walking.

Make the bones in the upper arm heavy, rotate the muscles out of the armpit and align thumb and fingers straight forwards. Let your right sitting bone go downwards, then the left, then the right, then the left, and so on.

Feel how the thoracic spine goes into an extremely fine counterrotation of its own accord. Take the weight of the thorax off the pelvis and feel how the impulses go from the sitting bones through the whole of the spine to the Atlas bone.

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