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"The first encounter between the CANTIENICA ® method and my body was love at first sight. Their precision, depth, clarity and intelligence have caught me then and released more."

Gemma Mari Gurt, Heidelberg

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“Sports has been an important part of my life since my teenage years. Cycling, swimming, handball, jogging – I did all that and more. I loved to let off steam, but I didn’t show any sensitivity to my body’s needs. Back then, I did not care about stretching or engaging my deep musculature!I was 25 when my first daughter was born and 26 when her sister came. My pelvic floor was still weak after my first pregnancy, and I stumbled headlong into the second one. And what a pregnancy it was: I gained a huge amount of weight (more than 55 pounds) and had an enormous baby (10.5 pounds) in a precipitate delivery. As a consequence, I developed symphysis pubis instability and massive hemorrhoids. Knocked out completely by appendicitis, peritonitis and ensuing psychological crisis, I did not manage to do any substantial postnatal pelvic floor training. At some point I came across the book Tigerfeeling. I was impressed by the method, but it was a 60-mile drive to the closest CANTIENICA® instructor, and I felt I couldn’t spend the time nor money. In 2009, my overall circumstances looked better, so I drove to Saarbrücken once a week and went to Cordula Wennekers’ body work practice. It felt soooo good! My feeling for my own body and my pelvic floor improved so much, as did everything else. I’m convinced that the initial change took place in my mind, which learned “Cantienican” relaxation, focus, and meditation. The actual Tigerfeeling came later, this feeling of strength and power and alignment from the pelvis through the spine to the top of my head. Today, I feel in better physical shape than ever and like to race around with my girls." (Testimonial condensed, full length in the e-book.)


Cathleen Raasch, Ramsen (Germany), 36 yearsarchitectural drafter and CANTIENICA® instructor



“My first two deliveries were followed by sudden deafness and dizzy spells, which is why I was very scared of the birth of my third child. But then things got even worse: three weeks after giving birth, I suffered a slipped disc. I spent two interminable weeks lying on my stomach, then I had emergency surgery. Even two years afterwards, I was in chronic pain. Up to this point, I had never heard of such a thing as an active pelvic floor, and I hadn’t taken care of it after the first two deliveries. Why “form back” something you don’t even know is there?My natural health practitioner told me about Tigerfeeling, and I started doing the exercises – with almost immediate results.I could finally go jogging again without my knees acting up and I could move around without pain. Deeply convinced by this method, I took the CANTIENICA® instructor training course in Zurich and soon learned how much there was (and is) still to do. On my quest to recognize and activate the different layers of my pelvic floor and find my core, I placed Thera-Bands around my chest, let my muscles vibrate, and struggled through many a dry spell. When I started to become more erect and stretch my sternum and neck, it finally dawned on me what my husband meant when he told me to straighten up and show my full height. Today, my back is pain-free! And I also have a great new physical awareness. My singing voice has improved so much that I feel confident enough for evening-filling programs of Brecht/Weill songs (though I can also sing other music). Breathing from my diaphragm gives my voice space and allows me full control over it. And my pelvic floor supports everything as a stable bowl. Hooray for Benita Cantieni and hooray for a strong pelvic floor!”


Bettina Winter, Rodgau (Germany), 43 years, CANTIENICA® instructor









them needed to get artificial knee or hip joints. And they all seemed to consider it normal that their athletic pasts would catch up with them in this manner. About the time I turned fifty, I also started having hip problems. I went to a specialist and got x-rayed. “The blood supply to your bones isn’t sufficient any more,” my doctor said. “You’ll need to have surgery in the foreseeable future.” He wrote me a prescription for physiotherapy and told me to come back every three months for checkups. Instead of physiotherapy, I placed myself in the stern hands of Benita Cantieni. She developed a customized exercise program for me, which I followed to the letter. At my first checkup examination my joint socket and femoral head (the head of my thigh bone) were in perfect condition. All suspicious shadows had gone. “It’s a miracle,” my doctor exclaimed. “It’s very rare that I get to see something like this.”I have since stuck to the CANTIENICA® method, training twice a week. At some point I noticed that the hemorrhoids that had bothered me so much were also gone. I tried to integrate the method’s principles as far as possible in all my activities. And when I’m in danger of slipping back into old habits during strength training – shortening my muscles and compressing my joints – I can rely on my body to send me a warning signal, telling me it doesn’t like that. I am convinced that stretching and expanding the bones from the core of the pelvis and the resulting activation of the deep musculature can be valuable assets in every type of sports. The body gains flexibility and can protect itself against those jerking movements that are so harmful for the joints.”


Leonardo H., Zurich (Switzerland), 59 years, Businessman

“I did fourteen years of competitive sports. Many of my former fellow athletes developed arthrosis after their active times – surprisingly many. Some of



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