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"I had tried different training methods to strengthen and shape my body, but none of them was as effective as CANTIENICA®. "

Victoria Janisch, Luxembourg

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science in Heidelberg. My curriculum included functional gymnastics, strength training, and anatomy, prevention, rehabilitation, etc., and I enjoyed all these subjects. Later in my career, I took several advanced training courses such as the back therapy training program at IFAA fitness academy.I first got in touch with the CANTIENICA® – Method for Bodyform & Posture six years ago. I had started searching for help because I suffered an abdominal separation after the birth of my eldest son. I was a fitness expert, my workout program was based on scientific insights – how could this happen to me? I consulted my OB/GYN. She said: “It’ll go away if you train your abdominal muscles – but only the transversus abdominis.” But that’s what I’d been doing all along, preventively and after giving birth! I asked her: “So what do I do if the abdominal separation won’t go away? It feels like the more I train the transversus abdominis, the worse I get.” I will be eternally grateful to her for her answer, for it gave me the shock I’d needed: “Dear Mrs. Mari, then you’ll have to have an operation.” Wham! Gulp! Me, surgery? Never in a million years. I began to search for alternatives. And I found the CANTIENICA® method. It was love at first sight. The precision, accuracy, and intelligence this method demands from the practitioner captured my heart. I promised my body that from now on, I would give all that to it, and I apologized for treating it so inappropriately and brutally in the past – even though my intentions had been good.Within the next three weeks I systematically adopted the “new” posture and body erection in everyday life and purposefully trained at home. My abdominal separation disappeared almost entirely and is now completely gone. I wanted – I needed – to know more. My first CANTIENICA® instructor course turned my perception of my body upside down. For the first time ever, I could feel and experience a whole universe of muscles that I’d never known of. We are talking completely uncharted territory! Not just in terms of access to this layer of muscles, but also the bones …It’s all about using the muscles and bones the right way … plain, simple, and logical. The CANTIENICA® method is really powerful. If you had told me back then: “Just train with this method, it will correct everything that needs correcting,” you’d just have roused the skeptic in me. But it’s true, and from where I stand now it strikes me as logical. If you treat and use your body as it should be used and treated, everything straightens out. The balance. The flexibility. The new kind of strength. Words I used to hear in yoga class or in sports courses; words I’ve read in so many books. The CANTIENICA® method delivers on these promises. It’s a privilege to have this kind of awareness of my body, to feel and enjoy it.”


Gemma Mari Gurt, Neckargemünd (Germany)

38 years, CANTIENICA® senior teacher

“My nature is that of a romantic and a skeptic. Don’t ask me how that fits together. I’m originally a fitness professional, having studied sports 









That was strange because I never experienced any problems with my dance training – no pain in my back, knees, or feet. I didn’t find out the reason for this until the summer of 2010.Spending two months in Switzerland that summer, I once again suffered serious pain in my knees. My mother suggested I try CANTIENICA®. She had seen Benita Cantieni on television talking about her method and saying things like: “Posture is an acquired habit. A bent back is no natural given, but man-made. Knee pain stems from the wrong technique …” – “Ah,” I thought, “that’s just what I need!”After my first session I went to the tram station. As I stood there I focused my attention on the center of my heels and on the joints at the roots of my big toes. And presto: it changed they way I stood. I felt my body becoming more erect and the blockage in my knee dissolving. I immediately enrolled in the summer special class and again the summer after that. All in all I took 20 sessions, and the lessons I learned have been a tremendous gain.The CANTIENICA® method enhanced my understanding of dance, especially ballet. CANTIENICA® and ballet use similar language, and the body imagery seems related upon first (and superficial) hearing.The words may be similar, but they mean different things. Ballet training is all about achievement and performance. Get your legs higher, do more turns, wider jumps, and so on. It all focuses on the outside. CANTIENICA® exercises are different: they unfold from within, in the bones and deep muscles. It’s not about doing more, it's about doing it right.The training doesn’t focus on achievement and top performance, but on subtleness and fine quality. For me this is also a mental discipline. It tames my ego and reins in my male desire for quantity.Less is more. You can’t do too much basic work. These are my key insights. I always knew that power resides within the smallest detail, but it took the CANTIENICA®method for me to actually experience this.Self-awareness through self-perception. Learning to listen to my body. Acknowledging its wisdom. My standing in life is different now, more confident. I stand tall and erect, wherever the wind blows; I am lithe and lissome, never losing touch with my core.” (Condensed form.)


Marco Stahel, Salzburg (Austria), 34 years

Musical actor with a degree in music and dance education

“I used to have problems running. Sometimes I was fine and other times my knees hurt so much I could hardly climb the stairs to my apartment. 



“In March of 1995, a car accident left my pelvis fractured in six places. As a result, my whole pelvis was displaced and my left leg was almost an inch shorter than the right one. Half a year later I was diagnosed with pelvic instability. My physiotherapist gave up on me. I was on my own. I started my self-therapy odyssey ... My entire body had to rearrange itself. I needed pain medication to function – not every day, but often enough and with increasing frequency. The turning point came with the CANTIENICA® method. My pelvis started getting better. I learned how to align my bones anew: with subtle exercises and sometimes only through the right kind of breathing. I regained flexibility and mobility in my pelvic and hip joints. My pelvic bones changed their position, my entire pelvis returned almost all the way to its original form. I’ve almost stopped needing pain medication altogether. I can do any type of sports safely and with a good feeling for my body. I am endlessly grateful to Benita Cantieni for developing this wonderful method, which has been a true course in self-healing for me.”


Margit Locher, Diessenhofen (Switzerland) CANTIENICA® instructor



The CANTIENICA® method gave me a new physical awareness. After the birth of my first child, my pelvic floor felt a bit unstable, and I sometimes dribbled urine when I sneezed or coughed. Shortly after my second child was born, I came across the CANTIENICA® method with Benita Cantieni’s book on postnatal workout. Training at home, and especially my coaching sessions with a CANTIENICA® instructor, improved my physical situation so much that I now like to go jogging again. I am grateful to Ms. Cantieni for her work and to Brigitte for being such a wonderfully empathic mediator of this method.”


Susanne, Cologne (Germany), mother of two Trains with Brigitte Stapper, Cologne

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