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CANTIENICA® body in evolution Quality Training
Weekly livestream lessons
with Benita Cantieni

Array your bones. Erect your posture. Activate all skeletal structures through your bones: fascia, ligaments, tendons, sinews – and musculature. Learn to train 100 % of your body, not just the surface. Bring quality into every micro movement. Reach the utmost flexibility, the strength, the resilience and the beauty.

Change the use of your body. Quit postural habits that make you look and feel older than you are. Your journey to your best body starts here.

Benita teaches intermediate to advanced level classes. For beginners she created a short introduction of the basic principles for CANTIENICA® body in evolution. You will find the link to the free video in the confirmation email after booking your first class.

We offer a package with 20 lessons to be consumed within 6 months for the price of CHF 680.00. 

In case you can't navigate a German online store please download the free Mindbody App. You can find the CANTIENICA®-Studio Zurich and our offer through the English app.

Wednesday 20:00 h | 8 pm CET
Starting 03 November 2021
60 minutes training time

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  • Join Benita Cantieni in a weekly training in CANTIENICA® body in evolution.


  • Array the bones and connect the bones with 100 % fasciae, ligaments, tendons and muscles for an ever increasing lightness and core-strength.


  • Learn directly from the founder of the method and her 30 years of experience in manifesting liberation on the physical plane.

Keeps more than promised.

For your best Body ever and forever. Fitness, Therapy, Fun. All inclusive.

"For me personally, CANTIENICA® is more a life style than a training method. I practise at the bus stop, when standing in line, while jogging, talking on the phone, drying my hair, cleaning the bath tub, picking up kids etc. It’s a MUST HAVE, I couldn’t live without it any more…"

Larene Thomson, Hamburg

"I had tried different training methods to strengthen and shape my body, but none of them was as effective as CANTIENICA®."

Victoria Janisch, Luxembourg

"A friend told me of CANTIENICA® Method and I travelled to Switzerland to meet with Benita Cantieni. I spent 3 days in her studio taking classes and learning the CANTIENICA® Method. As soon as I started my body felt different. My muscles began to relax. I felt taller, lighter, and free in my movement. Pain and tightness around my hip and pelvic regions disappeared. This is where I was having the majority of my pain, but it went away as I continued to practice the CANTIENICA® Method." 

Conor Hughes, Kildare, Ireland


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