Improve Your Posture - Boost Your Wellbeing - Feel More Energy

Weekly livestream lessons with Benita Cantieni

Learn from the founder of the CANTIENICA® method

Wednesday 20:00 h | 8 pm CET | 2 pm EDT | 11 am PT

60 minutes training time
Entry possible at any time.

Change the way you use and feel your body – in just one hour. Quit postural habits that make you look and feel older than you are. Your journey to your best body starts here.

How does the CANTIENICA-Method work?

In every class you learn to array your bones. Because when your bones are aligned all skeletal structures work in perfect harmony: fascia, ligaments, tendons, sinews – and musculature. Learn how to train 100 % of your body, not just the surface. Bring quality into every micro movement. Reach the utmost flexibility, strength, resilience and beauty.


How to start?

Frankly, the best way is to just drop in and see for yourself. Your body will tell you very quickly that it loves this revolutionary way to move.


Who teaches?

Benita Cantieni is the founder of the CANTIENICA method. Seize this one-time opportunity to learn from her in this live-class.


When is the class?

It is on Wednesday's 8 pm CET in Europe. Because the lesson is live, check if it matches your time zone: If you are on the East coast: 2 pm EDT, or on the West coast: 11 am PT.

What does it cost?

The single 60 minute class costs USD 38, EUR 34, CHF 35. 

If you have any problems, email Jan Koch will be happy to help you.

We will send you a link with direct access to the Wednesday class. If you enter the livestream 10 minutes before the lesson starts, you will get a briefing on that day's program and Benita will answer your questions. 

Still not quite sure? We get it. Starting something new can be a bit scary. If you'd like to know more about the principles of the CANTIENICA-Method before you start, then please watch the video "Introduction to the CANTIENICA method" below, where Benita explains the basics. If you'd like to try out some of the exercises on your own, then check out the video "The Magic of Micro Movements" below. 

Ready to start a true transformation? 

Become a regular and train every week. Create a login to Mindbody, where you can buy the 20 lesson subscription. You then book your space in the weekly class on Mindbody, so we know you are coming.


A subscription for 20 lessons in the next 6 month costs USD 731,  EUR 667, CHF 680. 

Keeps more than promised.

For your best Body ever and forever. Fitness, Therapy, Fun. All inclusive.

"For me personally, CANTIENICA® is more a life style than a training method. I practise at the bus stop, when standing in line, while jogging, talking on the phone, drying my hair, cleaning the bath tub, picking up kids etc. It’s a MUST HAVE, I couldn’t live without it any more…"

Larene Thomson, Hamburg

"I had tried different training methods to strengthen and shape my body, but none of them was as effective as CANTIENICA®."

Victoria Janisch, Luxembourg

"A friend told me of CANTIENICA® Method and I travelled to Switzerland to meet with Benita Cantieni. I spent 3 days in her studio taking classes and learning the CANTIENICA® Method. As soon as I started my body felt different. My muscles began to relax. I felt taller, lighter, and free in my movement. Pain and tightness around my hip and pelvic regions disappeared. This is where I was having the majority of my pain, but it went away as I continued to practice the CANTIENICA® Method." 

Conor Hughes, Kildare, Ireland

What can CANTIENICA® body in evolution do for you? 


CANTIENICA® training gives you
  • A better posture

  • Freedom from pain and more flexibility

  • Back-friendly movements

  • Lightness and joy in using your body

  • Resilience and staying power

  • An exercise concept suitable for everyday use


Give yourself time. After just a few lessons your posture will improve.


You can expect lasting success with the following complaints:
  • Hip joint arthrosis

  • Slipped disc

  • Scoliosis

  • Flat/hollow back

  • Lumbago/sciatica syndrome

  • Frozen shoulder

  • Neck complaints

  • Headaches/migraine

  • Diffuse back pains

  • Incorrect postures of all kinds