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Tigerfeeling – experience the lightness


With the following exercises you can try out the components and principle of CANTIENICA® Pelvic Floor Training for yourself. Every exercise treats your whole body – from toe to top. 

Exercise 1

Stand with your feet hip-wide (or narrow, that is), the heels slightly closer than the toes, your feet thus forming a V-shape. Your knees are relaxed. Imagine your sitting bones and pubic bone pointing toward the floor and at the same time stretch the crown up to the ceiling. Relax your arms and fingers by imagining liquid honey dripping through them. Pull the navel simultaneously toward your breastbone and your pubic bone. Breathe in between your sitting bones, lead the breath inside the spine up to the crown, growing an inch. Exhale and keep the length.

Exercise 2

Keep the tallness from exercise 1. Your left hand embraces your right wrist. Elongate the lower arm with a gentle pull keeping the elbow bent. At the same time rotate the muscles of the upper arm outward. Attention: It is the muscles which are doing the work. A neat and intense stretch around the upper arms, through the collarbones and in the upper chest signals you that you are doing great. Try 10 twists as described, change arms, repeat.

Exercise 3

Straighten up: tail- and pubic bone point toward the floor, the crown pulls up to the ceiling. Lift your chest away from the pelvis. Fold your hands, palms turned outward, and stretch your arms forward at shoulder level. Release the shoulder blades in a relaxed manner. Stretch your navel at the same time toward your breastbone and pubic bone. Rotate the muscles of your upper arms and the muscles of your upper thighs outward. Now pulsate with the sitting bones: draw, release, draw, release. 20 pulses.

Exercise 4

Fold your hands and lift your arms up over your head. Now straighten them and widen your shoulder blades to both sides, letting them lie against your back. At the same time lift your ribcage away from your pelvis, elongating all trunk muscles. You are doing fine, when the gap between arms and ears widens like a frame. Now imagine that you stretch your navel to your left sitting bone and your right shoulder, and, vice versa, to your right sitting bone and your left shoulder. Stretch both ways simultaneously. Repeat 5 times.

Exercise 5

Step forward with your left foot. Align your knee over the heel. Place your hands on your left thigh close to the groin, let your shoulder blades widen and go down your back. Your left kneecap is pointing forward, the left sitting bone backward. Pull your crown up forward until you feel an intense stretch in the right hamstring. Hold the stretch for a count of 30, change leg position.

Exercise 6

Stand upright. Pull your sitting bones backward until your knees stand exactly over your heels. Hands relaxed on your lower back. Solidly ground the toes on the floor, feet in a V-shape. Intensify the stretch of the spine by pulling your pelvis backwards while at the same time pulling your ribcage and the crown up forward. Now pulsate with the innermost pelvic floor muscles by drawing the sitting bones closer to each other, release, draw, release. Repeat 15 times. Move on to exercise 7.

Exercise 7

Directly from exercise 6: Extend your arms at shoulder level, elbows bent to either side, fingers pointing to each other. Rotate the muscles of the upper arms outward. Stretch the pectoral girdle by pulling your elbows softly sideward. Create maximum space between pelvis and ribcage. Activate your pelvic floor by pulling the sitting bones closer to each other. Rotate the thoracic spine to the left, the right, the left, while your head stays in position, and bring your torso back into upright position.

Experience the lightness, the ease and the anti-gravity effects of a truly erect posture!

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