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Body Toning Workout – CANTIENICA® Power Program


Longing for a truly upright gait with sleek movements? And for well-toned muscles and beautiful shapes? Here’s how: by absolving this body toning workout, you’ll gain more power, litheness, grace and beauty. But that’s not all. Its 10 exercises will stretch, shape and sleeken your body as you practise. Have fun!

1 Majestic grandeur

Stand upright, placing your feet in a very slight V position. In one go, pull your pubic bone and tailbone downward and the crown of your head upward. Lift your arms and keep them stretched up beside your ears. Fold your hands, palms facing up while relaxing your shoulders. Rotate your upper arms’ muscles outward and backwards.  Draw the crown of your head to your hands while gently nudging your heels into the floor. Imagine breathing in at your left heel and out at your right shoulder and, vice versa, breathing from your right heel to your left shoulder. Repeat 5 times.

4 Shapely thighs and calves

Stand upright and cross your arms on shoulder level. Take one step forward with your left foot. Let your torso sink down until your knee is bent at a 90-degree angle above your heel. Let your pubic bone and tailbone sink towards the floor while drawing the crown of your head upwards. Imagine your right kneecap lengthening towards the floor. Breathe in, pull your sitting bones together and use this power to lift your torso one or two inches. Breathe out, relax sitting bones and let your torso sink down again. 30 times. Change sides.

7 Toned upper thighs

Lie down on your right side with your forearm on the mat, elbow exactly beneath your shoulder. Bend your right knee with your upper thigh at a 90-degree angle from your body; lift the heel a tiny bit off the mat, the toes stay on the floor. Stretch your left leg along your body. Pull your heel long until you feel your groin lengthening and opening. Your left heel touches the ground; toes are lifted off a tiny bit. Draw out your spine. Lift your left heel an inch and pulsate with your levator ani while bending and stretching your leg slightly. Wander your stretched leg in front of your torso and, while doing so, keep your sitting bones pulled backwards. Wander your leg back into its original position. Change sides.

10 Stretching galore!

Lie on your back with your legs stretched. Your knees are bent and your feet flat hip-wide on the mat in a V position. Pull your pubic bone, tailbone and sitting bones to your heels and the crown of your head in the opposite direction. Place your hands on your ribs, elbows pointing sideways, and rotate the muscles of your upper arms outward. Breathe in at your perineum; guide your breath through your body upwards and, while doing so, imagine pulling all muscles in towards your bones, just like a corset. Breathe out at the crown of your head. Let your body be lengthened and stretched while breathing in and stretched even further while breathing out. 10 times.

2 Sleek and slender

Directly from position 1: unfold your hands and grasp your left wrist with your right hand. Let your sitting bones peep to your heels. With your right hand, pull your left arm gently to the right and let the crown of your head follow effortlessly. Note that the stretch happens from your thoracic spine. Bring your left shoulder softly down while rotating your upper arm muscles outward. Be sure to keep both sides of your waist stretched and long! Back to upright position. Now change hands and repeat on the left side. 3 times on each side.

3 Goodbye, arm wobbles!

Stand upright and draw your sitting bones together in order to activate your levator ani. Lift your arms on shoulder level and bend them stretching your elbows sideways, your fingers pointing upward. Relax your shoulders outward and downwards. Rotate your forearms bringing your little fingers towards your thumbs, so that your arms feel a wee bit twisted. Now intensify this rotation: twist your little fingers a tiny bit more towards your thumb, let go, twist again, let go ... 30 times. Level 2: widen and narrow the angle between your upper and forearm while pulsating.

5 Feline litheness

Come into a squat bringing your feet into a slight V position. Now wander your hands forward as far as possible; while doing so your heels stay nudged to the ground. Stretch your sitting bones, pubic bone and tailbone towards the ceiling and release and relax all vertebrae in the direction of your crown. Draw out yourupper arm muscles and bring your shoulder blades in the direction of your pelvis. Extend your belly button to your thoracic spine and pubic bone. Let your left sitting bone peep up over to the right, and your right one peep up over to the left. 10 times on each side. Change into next position.

6 For a better butt 

Come onto all fours, placing your knees exactly beneath your hip joints and your hands exactly beneath your shoulders. Stretch your pubic bone and tailbone backwards while pulling the crown of your head in the opposite direction. Extend your belly button to your sternum. Place your left forearm on the mat, elbow beneath your shoulder. Place your right arm on your back and twist your thoracic spine to the right. Slide your stretched left leg backwards; the tip of your foot is touching the floor. Activate your levator ani to lift your foot one or two inches and do 30 small pulses: pull your sitting bones together, relax them, pull, relax ...

8 Flat abs

Lie on your back with your legs stretched. Pull your pubic bone and tailbone to your heels and the crown of your head in the opposite direction. Stretch your arms sideways and imagine pulling them apart. Bring your knees to your chest and stretch both legs, the soles of your feet pointing to the ceiling. Stretch your heels upward, while your sitting bones keep peeping down to the mat. Extend your belly button to your sternum.  Let your left leg sink slowly downwards and lift it again, then your right leg. Your pelvis remains completely calm throughout and stays on the mat. Each leg 15 times. Please note: only bring your leg down to a degree that allows you to keep your pelvis calm and relaxed on the mat.

9 Belly straddle

Lie on your back with your legs stretched. Lift one knee to your chest, then the other one, and stretch both legs to the ceiling, sitting bones pulled downward. Bring up your head from the crown. Relax your sternum and your ribs.  Separate your legs into a wide straddle while letting go your sitting bones downwards. Rotate your feet slightly outward pulling your heels long. Fold your hands and stretch your arms, while widening and relaxing your shoulders. Pulsate your crown just one inch in direction of your levator ani. 30 times. Close your legs while you keep on pulsating.

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